3D Tutorial | Modeling Triply Twisted Torus With Holes | 3dsmax

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A 3dsmax tutorial intended to introduce easy polygon modeling techniques to achieve an interesting geometric torus bracelet, ring,earring, or architectural decoration. This is a basic exercise which can be followed in 3dsmax 2010 or higher, and does not require any addons or plugins. Basic knowledge of the Graphite modeling tools, hotkeys, and modifiers is recommended. #3dsmax #3dtutorials



excellent tutorial bro i wish this tutor was for Cinema 4D i could follow but i need help if i can find tutorial on how to do the pattern type any help will be great. by the way very cool steady voice.

민혁기 says:

hi!! john!!it’s nice tutorial!!
but i have a problem i’m using 3d max2017
I inset and then use shell to break the face.
can you help me? T.T

onzkicg says:

Nice tutorial and relaxing voice dude!

RingMast3r100 says:

I am using 3ds max 2017 and whenever I use the twist setting the torus never twists. It still shows it as a regular torus even after I render it.

Mihai D. says:

Thank you for the tutorial. It was fast and easy and i really enjoyed it. Thank you!

JA FEAL says:

Great tutorial!! Could you teach it in Blender??

Masta Prior says:

Amazing… and I’m just sitting here with maya and think to myself what wondrous tools you have there.

Marcelo Baglione says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this study, John Malcolm! I will study and to do all their great tutoriais.

From Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

EthanFilms says:

So glad I found this channel!

Eng Tem says:

this is amazing , i have learned a lot from your work. thank you

TroverCo says:

Fix audio levels, away too low.

SomeGuy says:

Nice tutorial. One thing though. I’d probably unwrap model before making holes, because after that it will be problematic.

Thomas McMichael says:

Dude…ur voice sounds liek that fucking clown in “SAW” “Do you wanna play a little game???”

Cheryl Sillacay says:

everything of your tutorial really help me to understand widely the 3ds max. thanks always for sharing your ideas. understandable tutorial

Thomas Poulsen says:

Omg! Is this a tutorial by Nicolas Cage!?! damn that voice sounds just like him!

Mr.N says:

M so glad i bumped into your channel, i have never seen such complex modeling and i myself do 3d modeling. Your tutorials are a gr8 help, thanks for making such content and please keep doing more. thank again. 🙂

Dane Sebastian says:

Hi John, awesome tutorial, I followed your tutorial and created this model. but in the end model look like there is gap between strips,,,i coundnt figure out error.. could u plz guide me…here is the link to c the render..   https://www.dropbox.com/s/bh5j4i7kzz34vcd/ring.jpg?dl=0

Kemal ŞENTÜRK says:

thank you very much

Desislav Radev says:

good job

C.H.R rugby says:

Thank you batman nice tutorial 🙂

Nika Zautashvili says:

Thank you, great tutorial, bro. I am sooo gonna subscribe to your channel. )

Yoski Shamel says:

Just wanted you to know that your video was amazing. You did such an excellent job!!! I’m just getting into this type of stuff and I am truly interested in learning more, but I wanted to know if the design you created in this video available to download. I’ve been looking all over for someone to create my engagement ring and I stumbled across this video and there it is minus the diamond. I love unique and different things and you did that. No one can seem to recreate the picture I showed them, but you did an excellent job. Do you think you could assist me?!

fraggers07 says:

you neglected to mention at about 2:43 that you have segments at 120, mine were at 36 (2nd attempt at following), i got as far as the generate topology stage and every time i tried to click honeycomb my model got real messed up, i’m not ragging on your tutorial they are awesome but please try and remember, there are going to be total noobs trying to follow such excellent tuts.

ikola one says:

First time i see your channel, read the first comment, liked and subscribed 🙂

Yara says:

please can you say “I am Batman” XD

awesome tutorial mate.

Messaoud Brahimi says:

I love you man , Great course, Thank you so so much

verry mariyanto says:

hei john,,can you help me..i following your tutorial on this version but why my torus doesnt twist..when i enter the value,,when i enter the big value twist it just twisting just on one part ,,and the rest isn’t twist,,thx anyway


Mathis1207 says:

nice tutorial, very good to learn thx

Luis Garza says:

Always great and helpful to learn from the experts. Thanks a lot.

Rafik khan shaikh says:

loop command not open why? and not working

Ahmed Al-Wakeel says:

Always great and helpful to learn from the experts. Thanks a lot

Rafik khan shaikh says:

I am sooo gonna subscribe to your channel. )

Саша Буревич says:

Why i cannot conect polygons with the help of bridje?It says to me thats :Unknown system exception…….

Thuc Hong says:

Thanks for sharing John 🙂

Digant Patel says:


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