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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly model a twisted fantasy pendant or amulet object, complete with holes for hanging on a necklace. This step-by-step project will demonstrate a combination of procedural, and standard polygon modeling techniques. You will learn by example, using extended primitives, modifiers, polygon modeling; creating holes in topology without booleans, and how to work with objects dynamically, within the modifier stack.

Check out this fantastic render by Bernd Haier! This is an excellent example of how this design can be used in a practical way.

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George Somarakis says:

Hi! What Renderer did u use..?! +HDRI?

Medina Cevos says:

Dear John, I love your tutorial but i need help! I’m an architecture student and I want to model a specific organic structure but I don’t know how. If you’re here, please reply

Luis Garza says:

Excellent ! I´ve been modeling for years in 3ds max and what i´ve found in your tutorials is extremely helpful. Thanks a lot for your time sharing your expertise. I really appreciate it.

Totorus says:

Thank you so much John, i learned a lot of tips in this tutorial that are very useful for me. Thanks for sharing your knoledge and experience. Greetings.

krono terria says:

Great tutorial.

Óscar Pires says:

Very Pro, Thx 🙂

Rodrigo Butron says:

Thank You so much for the tutorial. Excelente tutorial.

Marcelo Baglione says:

I want to congratulate you for the excellent studies. I am modeling and studying one by one.

From Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Ben Mateffy says:

Joining the ones who mentioned that this render is insanely realistic! Congrats!

Elle Jay says:

Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Nicholas Cage?

Great tutorial by the way. Possibly the best detailed tutorial I’ve ever seen on YouTube

Alnitro Nguyen says:

I have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much.

羊沒吐氣 says:

beautiful object:) i folowed your steps and succeeded to make a similar one >< but i still couldnn't understand how you can choose the faces so fast?(like you do in 8:58~9:00) thank for your video.

Quoc Dang says:

Good Job !

Ahmed Arceo says:

hi john! thanks for the tutorial. i really like your custom UI.can you tell me how did you arrange that pls? thanks!

Aravinthakrishnan K says:


XByakouX says:

Oh my god that render!
I thought it was a picture! Really really nice job!

AnconeusRex says:

Where did you learn all these designs? They’re all so fascinating

Mathis1207 says:

strg. i for invert

nice tutorial

Diego Molas says:

Very nice form!

john doe says:

please do this for blender!

t.mohamad says:


ali ÇELİK says:

Adamın dibisin ya helal olsun.

Venom Gaming says:

good vid but you need to turn down the mic volume, ITS EARRAPE TO PEOPLE WITH HEADPHONES.

Tourist 91 says:



random question but when you was adding the holes how did you view it with no turbo smooths on

safaa mohammed says:

thanks for the tutorial , wonderful !

Vinicius Wells says:

Awesome tutorial, thanks for posting 🙂

navdeep singh says:

Hi, I am captured by your technique. in one of your comments, you mentioned the use of mathematics. would you please be kind enough to mention what part of mathemetics goes in design?


Diaper Rash says:

Great tutorial – nice clean holes towards the end. Awesome technique. I looked at your videos, subcribed. Thanks!

iFort says:

Ever thought about a career in voice acting?

Sean Zhang says:

Nice, dude!!!
How do you select those polygons at once in 6:55

Phong Do says:

Were you drying ur clothes while doing this tutorial haha? Great tutorial btw

bloresat says:

Superb. Amazing. Very clean modelling & amazing render. Looks very real. Thank You so much for the tutorial.
Can you please post a video for this realistic rendering as well?
Thanks Again!

Degravitation says:

nice design ! 🙂 thanks !!

S Kaczmarek says:

amazing! thank you so much!

Saiful islam tuhin says:

Bro you are insane!! Your render output is unbelievable, First i thought maybe this is just a picture of a real locket or something. you are AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME

Michael G says:

wish i could model conventionally like this, i tend to spend hours modeling and tweaking to get a desired shape, yet you’ve just gone random object, delete some faces, connect, squish, done. or was you just messing about with hydra randomly to get something that looked cool, and just took note of the random work-flow

Maxxx Modelz says:

John, did you see the render someone did of this design? They credit you in the description.

Manuel Pla says:

El tutorial es bueno, pero tu voz mas parece una película de terror

amit mhadesar says:

amazing modeling technic ..very nice Nd clean…thanks for share..

Francisco Guevara says:

what a beast! im learning 3ds so fast ! thanks a lot

Annabel Lyman says:

Thanks for the great tutorials! How do you configure your toolbar so that all of the relevant functions appear together in the same box?

Kien Le says:

How many times do you often try to finally find the right way to model these complicated geometry. Or you can just see through it all as you look at the object for the first time :D. It’s a great tutor for me to learn and practice your modeling techniques but if you really give me a new object that crazy and tell me to model it, it’d be a hell of a challenge hehe. Thanks John!

Richard Cudden says:

amazing stuff 🙂

Mourad Benichenacha says:

that’s what I call learning with fun..Thank you John!

Yakov Terentev says:

wow so amazing tutirial i did it!!!!!! :-3 😀

barbarianofkhazmodan says:

at 2:24, how did you invert the selected polygons?

Tanay Pathak says:

Hi John, I love the modeling techniques you’ve shown in your videos. I would like to watch more of them which makes me wonder when are you going to post a new video? I have made some good models following your videos. Great job teaching us all these techniques, my working speed has increased as well. Thank you for sharing these videos and I hope to see more soon.

Alpha Team says:

3ds max organic on my Facebook page you welcome :

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