3ds Max 2017 – Tutorial for Beginners [General Overview]*

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N3rd 3xpert says:

Awesome! Thanks for the help!

Fabian Prado says:

Horrible sound!

Scott Garriott says:

This is a very good overview of 3ds Max. it’s brief but covers the essentials for getting started, and it is well done!
I have recently upgraded to 2017 from the 2013 version and I am really struggling. For complete Max newbies, this tutorial is good. For those who always upgrade, the built-in tutorials are likely perfect, but those of us who have not upgraded in a few years are left out! Do you have other tutorials explaining some of the new interface and functional changes?


plzzz….. suggest a mid rang graphic card for rendering in 3ds max.

Liger Z'Jay says:

เป้นการสอนที่ดีมากเลยค่ะ เข้าใจมากเลยค่ะ หาวิดิโอแบบนี้มานานแล้ว ในการสอน 3D Max เบิ้องต้น
Thank you.

Angelica L says:

I have paid for a license but how do you download the program?

Tim Conrad says:

Excellent job! Thank you!

Dominic Besagni says:

when using polygon modelling, the axis to drag along are not visible? help please?

Marty Mar says:

Bai,i’m having trouble downloading free student 3dsmax version i have free student Maya no problem, you got a video on this subject or can make one

GreekBoi Ω says:

Nice, they improved the look of their UI. It doesn’t look like black Windows 95 now.

CTP says:

does this program freeze a lot for anyone else? for some reason it just crashes a lot

Arturo a says:

How did you do the blue subtitles?!?!

Karl Hans says:

Hi, I have a tutorial request.

VLAD Hgf says:

8:38 I don’t have window “edges”,”loops”…. How to install it on the table?

dzrealkiller says:

Tutorial for beginners? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE A BOX!!!?!?!? xD Well… Moving on…

Danny says:

Thank you for this, I really like how you took the time to explain the tools and what they do. This has helped me quite a bit.

Ann Drei says:

Hello. I don’t know why but I’ve just installed the program and I’m not having any grid lines …Any help ?
Thank you !

Dimény Artúr says:

and what if i have just one single viewpoint?
help me, please!

Abubker Dawood says:

deeply thanks >> i have just learn how to use this wonderful program

SP4CE C4MP says:

great tips 🙂

Yahya Nass says:

Hey there, just wanted to say that this video has been really useful, and I feel less intemidated by 3D Max 2017’s interface. Thanks so much! : ]

Saad eldin Ahmad says:

Splendid! but if you need to get me a benefit, could you brother focus on what are the new features in 3ds Max 2017 ?

Dimény Artúr says:

i find the mistake. and it’s working! 🙂 AWESOME !

Mangesh Kakade says:

biped can be scale in 3ds max 2017

Tường Nguyễn says:

At @10:45, i set 2 keys for the Melt modify. 1 at 0 with 0 Melt amount and 1 at 50 with 50 Melt amount but when i drag the timeline nothing changes.

whenpigsflytwice says:

awesome tutorial

peter pan says:

Nice tutorial! I very much like it so far.

I just stopped where you set the key points for the automation and tried to do it as well but it somehow doesnt work. In your video the key points are black but when i do it they are from top to bottom red green blue. Also no animation takes place. What am i doing wrong?

Topbold says:


Velyx says:

TI ho sgamato merda, a parte gli scherzi bravo… si vede dalle cartelle che sei italiano!
Sei stato di grande aiuto, grazie!

Reth Bot says:

Super nice introduction! Cannot wait for more. The explaining was nicely explained and I understood everything. So happy I found this. Subscribed!

Mike Nahor says:

so much overview brother we talk about 3D max 2017…

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