3ds Max – Building Destruction VFx Tutorials (Introduction)

3ds Max 2014 / 2016 without plugins.
A series of lessons on the PFlow system.
The course describes how without plug-ins quickly break any object into fragments, depending on the material from which it is made, how to create smoke, dust, fire, and even clouds.
Also I will tell you how to achieve interaction between all the described elements.

Предлагаю всем, кто любит 3ds Max, проявить активность и оставить свои идеи по поводу дальнейшего развития продукта на этом ресурсе:

I suggest to everyone who loves 3ds Max, to be active and write your ideas about future product development on this resource:


Tha Raven says:

is this still comming?

Ярослав Истомин says:

дым какой то очень искусственный. Вот если бы FumeFX мне кажется было бы намного реалистичней. А так за такую графику постпродакшн серьезный не заплатит. А вот по разрушению я бы посмотрел, как это делается – сам принцип)

Igor Tsyba says:

I apologize to those who been waiting for lessons. I’m not a blogger. I’ve been busy the last few months. I plan to begin posting lessons next week.

Andrii Konstatynov says:

looking forvard!


Where is the tutorial ? Plz

moontann says:

Interested in seeing more.

Phathom says:

How’s this coming along? Everyone is waiting!!! Sorry for the pressure:)

AGN03 says:

Tutorial please..!!!

Cebas Visual Technology says:

Awesome, if you try out thinkingParticles which gives you greater fx power (especially destruction), we can showcase your tuts as well on our channel!


100 years later and the turorial will not release

VFX Ltd™ says:

Looking forward to it lol! Im more interested in the modelling and texturing/ prepp work tho

k hook says:

I look forward to studying this wonderful scene.

Studio Post says:

still waiting…

Ali Heydari says:

wow great what pc spec you have?

counterrage says:

круто. подписался)

Crazy Channel says:

Сразу видно,что русский

Rigardo Creation says:

looks great but where is the tutorials

Alexander Smirnov says:

а где сам тутор?)

David Gray says:

Great vfx

Dan Tserkovnyuk says:

на фоне трек из Космических рейнджеров порадовал)

Mahmoud Zaefi says:

hi. how can we get this tutorial? thanks.

Roodie Krblt says:

I wish games has this kind of graphic.

MDM says:

hi,i hope youll post this tuto one day 🙂

Roy Bastian says:

why your voice sound so lazy to talk? btw thanks for tutorial it was great

Price Ostia says:

Masada fortress

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