3DS MAX Camera Match Tutorial

Camera Match Tutorial


Spencer Diniz says:

Please, post part 2!!!

ekzarhat says:


John Nichols says:

Like it but don’t blow your street cred now by not producing part 2 !! Thanks though

El Hadji Malick Sene says:

Thanks for the tutorial, amazing stuff

Modeller Design says:

Such a low junk that cam match tool. Perspective match also the same. Simple manual camera set up gives perfect result.

visualverkstad says:

Great tutorial!

RockLee Konoha says:

Thanks a lot..

YoeyYutch says:

So no part two?

McJean says:

Nice man good tutorial, please make more videos

rangsima yui says:

where is part 2?

Tryfield Animas says:

for me its a mystery  because there isn’t any cam point in the list in the cam match menu and i can’t put any in the field . does anyone know why ?* using max 2012 *  looks so easy but  without points makes no fun  lamo

Ibrahim Black says:

Can you show us how you did it?

Felhek Lehrian says:


Brutalist says:

thanks for making this clear to understand, cheers !

Niberspace says:

That doesn’t look like an accurate result, I think the reason is because you weren’t able to see (and thus not able to click) one of the points that is above the video frame. If you remove that one I think the remaining points will be able to do its job more accurately.

VFX Ltd™ says:

Does the output size of the rendered image matter? When i render the scene the same resolution as the footage, the track is pretty good. However when the resolution is lowered to like 640×640, the tracking is so bad. Maybe i just answered my own question 😀

Richard Brouwer says:

Sorry, Part 2 is coming – Life gets in the way.

CosmicClip says:

Please make part 2.

Jeffry Alonso says:

hey man! where is the second part!!!! that tutorial is very good 😀

Johann De Beer says:

Pleaze make the after effects one i will be forever thankfull

Phillip Tillery says:

Where do I find Part 2?

VFX Ltd™ says:

so far all of my shots are linear. I need to learn to camera match in 3dsmax xD

Eng Ghazal says:

3d max part 1

Orlando C says:

soy el like numero 200!

Zafar Zafeer says:

whrer is next tutorial 

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