3DS Max Chest Of Drawers – Easy Beginner Tutorial

This is an easy tutorial for beginners. In this video walk-through we will learn the basic steps on how to create a chest of drawers in 3DS Max. All we need is a Box and few modifiers. Ikea style furniture. Enjoy!


Omar Qaryouti says:

Thank you,Its an amazing tutorial and enjoyable.

Marc Bruil says:

I really like your tutorials, thanks alot!

tyas radita says:

thankyou for this tutorial 🙂

samy yousef says:

Thanks a lot, straight forward ,comprehensive, non waste of a minute, organized and beautiful as well

molagmir Ner says:

Great thanks from Russia!!!!!!!!! That’s wonderful.

Melli Ferns says:

Hi Wendy! Where r u?

Stephen Doll says:

Hi Wendy Hutner,
Thanks so much for this tutorial! This is my first lesson in 3DS MAX. You’ll learn.
Regards, Stephen.

Michael Uncapher says:

great tutorial Wendy

Fortune Nqaba Dludlu says:

I can’t thank you enough for this, Thank you, and thank you a million times.

Lulz z says:

Very well explained, thank you so much!

Chidozie Uchendu says:

You are the best

Shivy W says:

Extremely happy with this, thank you!

mehran nezamdoust says:

thank u so much, i will watch all ur videos for sure <3

Myron Perez says:

Your videos are really a big help for me. Can you please perform on how to do a pillow in 3dsmax?

Hex NAND says:

very helpful, thanks

Dark wave says:

thank you for this video

Rasin Mehmed says:

hi. I think it was possible to simulate a more simple way. but from the standpoint of working with tools very useful lesson. excuse me. translation was through Google translator. thank you.

Shailendra Sinh Zerodha Business Partner says:

Where are you ?

Mr Architect says:

Thanks.. please tell me how I downloaded texture for free..

Николай Суслов says:

Thank you.

Ultimate-JM ULTRAH says:

Max is head ache. Maya is the way for me to go

Jewel says:

which version you are using mam?

razan yh says:

excuse me, what is the version of 3d max used?

ondiek says:

amazing tutorials im starting our 3dsmax and they really help thank you!you have a wonderful voice too.

Kiryl Kim says:

Finally, a decent tutorial with alignment and a bit of precision work.

Thank you Wendy !

SATISH CHANDRA Bangalore says:

Video is very good with good explanation. But you would have given more explanation why you are selecting particular tool. This will help us to know more about tools usage too. I finished it and very happy!!

ramonrir says:

thanks for your tutorials, i like so much the way you describe what you’re doing, i been learning alot from you work, thanks again, have a nice day 🙂

Homs ever says:

Thank you so much 

ToxicSludge says:

Good tutorial, but I found you went through the steps quite quickly. I often had to pause the video, and even rewind a little to keep up.

Thanks for the video, I’ll be checking out your others!

Danielle Nguyen says:

thank you teacher. your tutorials are the best. pls upload more. thanks again

Dusan.X_ 0 says:

slow down woman

ravi mayatra says:


The BD Bengali says:

i need models, that i can use in my design. Can you give me? please

3d says:

انت شخص تافة ومعرص

H3 CUBB says:

잘보고 갑니다^^

Aslam Cenel says:

video you cool friend


hold control and what other button at 4:31-4:35?

Jürgen S says:

Thank you for this tutorial. It really helped me to handle 3ds Max.

Carlos Eiris Patiño says:

Wendy, I just finished doing this and Im feeling so freaking happy!! Thank you so so much from Spain!!!


samy yousef says:

Thanks again, but why is the editable poly at 21:50 done to the drawer panel as you haven’t used any of drawer sub elements to the end of the operation

Shahdadkot Youth Group SYG says:

I like your efforts

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