3ds Max Dice – Easy Beginner Tutorial

3ds Max Easy Beginner Tutorial. In this video we will learn how to create a dice in 3ds Max. We will use a simple smoothing technique for creating rounded corners and smooth dents. Also, we will apply material Ids and add materials to finish of the model. ENJOY!


more one says:

thanks 😀 😀

Natalie Brown says:

Thank you for making this a concise and east-to-follow tutorial. I hope to see more on various objects 🙂 Can we make tutorial requests??

Bruno Andrade says:

Tutorial maravilhoso.

CobraL0rd says:

Fantastic. Thank you.

mexpower 2x says:

tahnks i love you

devon mcdaniel says:

Great tutorial! I’ve spent hours on other sites for tutorials and gained more of a working knowledge about 3ds max through your videos. Thanks a bunch :] 

Yos Yos says:

ขอบคุณมากครับ มีประโยชน์ในการหัดมากครับ

Adelia Widiningrum says:

when you creat material number 2, what button keyboard you press? thanks before. you help me for my first research group task

karan ghule says:

thanks mam , u r all video is easy getting to understand… please upload the more video… thanks again

DevelopDaily says:

very clear and helpful! thank you so much!

istealkegs says:

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Eunsoo Ahn says:

I think it will also be helpful if you could explain what things mean a bit, like I was following but wondering what Blinn, phong, spector(?), nurbs etc exactly meant! But other than that I found it wonderfully helpful clear! thanks so much 😀

tintin snowy says:

great tutorial straight to the point and super useful 🙂 thank you so much for sharing 🙂

Mahi Mimi says:

The first video encourages me to learn max..thank you

Rahul's Creations says:


jwardimages says:

from all the video tutorials on youtube, your videos have been the only ones to make me want to learn 3ds max. Really appreciate it thanks.

Controlled says:

I was following this tutorial, when I finished the Chamfer on all the sides, I went back to check my work and noticed that the 2 was funny. It forms a sort of star. Any idea how to fix this?

Boris Red says:

Good tutorial. Thank you! I would sharpen the holes by Crease of Edges. What do you think about that?

Stac Lazaro says:

Thanks for the help! o/

Montague Flange says:

How did you get the white lines to show when you was altering the cube ?

Melli Ferns says:

Excellent video tutorial.Thanks Wendy!

muhammad awais says:

please upload a video about v-ray material setup and how to download and install it thanks you very much

martinflashgordon says:

nice tutorial, thank you for “loaded dices”:)

Kakashi93x says:

Amazing tutorial, thank you.

Timmy Kafka says:

Thank you!

Greg Baldwin says:

Thanks for a great tutorial! 

Arnel Š says:

Hi, I’m a 3Ds Max beginner, starting all over again for a third time… lookin’ for a charm. Love your videos, but I’d like to submit a suggestion. You’re explaining everything nice and easy, but giving more detailed explanations wouldn’t hurt anyone. You’re falling in the same trap just as many other tutorial makers – you’re doing a great job, but you don’t explain why you do specific steps. For example, why did we change to phong? What does phong do? I’ve learned that if I understand why I am doing something, I will learn faster and I’m bound to do it properly without tutorial. Just something to think through on the production of next video series.

All the best!

Nyaatan says:

Thank you for this tutorial, you saved my college assignment

Sara Asi says:

Thank you so much.

Gregor Nussberger says:

now THAT is a tutorial. Good job.


Awesome very comprehendible.
Good job :3 

Konstantina Tsiakli says:

how am i going over around?


Great tutorial Thanks 😀

Jescak says:

I just started using 3ds Max in college, and I’m trying to find tutorials to help me practice.  Most beginner tutorials focus on the interface and explaining everything in too much detail.  This is exactly the kind of simple project I was looking for, thank you!

My only request would be that you explain a tiny bit more what some of the things do. Or have some additional text that people can read afterwards, so things don’t go too slowly.  For example, Blinn vs. Phong, or what are the NURMS subdivisions.  I’m really clueless as to the 3ds Max vocabulary. 

Perfect speed and easy to follow.  I’m so grateful I found your channel!

Spliteris says:

So much thanks, i made a dice, for a homework. how could i share my result ?

Linda Bigbee says:

Very nice tutorial. The pace and instruction were clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

Travis Bäuml says:

hey wendy, nice turorial ! can you help me pls, i cant see the white lines.. it makes all much more difficult.. :/

Stay Frosty says:

Clear and easy to understand. Thank you!

vincenzo ceccarelli says:

Bel tutorial. Complimenti!

Mitchel Mompremier says:

Thank you very much!

kooliebakedfrog says:

Cool new video! 

lahoucine aabbas says:

very clear and helpful! thank Wendy 🙂

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