3ds max Hair Tutorial without Plugins

3ds max 2014 Default Hair & Fur tutorial without plugins, using mental ray.
Long hair and face hair.
I use muHair free mental ray shader for hair material, but its not nesesry
درس لتعليم تصميم الشعر على برنامج ثري دي ماكس دون استخدام ملحقات

My new hair animation tutorial :



panmagi pan says:

Video courses are good-looking. I have a question.Please tell muhhair shader Establishment

I Support Police Brutality says:

damn nice work!

Vontadeh says:

Hey! I made all of this tutorial but the “multiHair” material doesn’t appear. What can i do?

leed ahmed says:

الله يسعدك <3

馮冰 says:

hi thanks for the tutor it help!
what kind of render tool you used?
thank you:)

Maska7a says:

Throughout this tutorial I actually discovered the solution for one major problem for me with this modifier. Thank you mate, and btw awesome work

Muhammad Rasheed says:


محمود القاضي says:

مشكور على هذا الدرس الفريد من نوعة ونتمنى المزيد من الدروس

panmagi pan says:

thanks !

Codie Crieg says:

Thank you for share tis tutorial. I am waiting for it for long time <:

Andry Jeyms says:

music ???

Bee Clair says:

Where do I get the muhHair for max shader? o-o

docmbrown1 says:

awesome…tnk man.

Alex Ruiz says:

Thank you for show me how to save selection areas in the hair. =D

lacrymosaindustry says:

incredible work man, thanks for sharing.

Sophia says:

Maybe you could make a tutorial about face mapping, since the skin of your char look great an realistic:)

chris sanders says:

nice work

Mohammed Ibrahim says:

awesome man but why max is sooooo wick to render

Nabil LASLEDJ says:

مشكور….thank you…merci!!!

Hamid Ghanbari says:

awesome… tnx very helpful 😀

anaStudio says:

Man !!
I raised on the concept that ( 3Ds max hair and fur ) can not generate good looking hair !
So i tried maya and many other plugins ..
But ur technique is great, really.

Thanks alot for sharing that !

Farythm says:

How do you get the grey object where the hair grew on to not show in the render?

Laura Joe says:

stupid question, does this hair can be used in game?

Hyder Ali says:

درس جيد. انا استخدمت الشعر كجزء من الtexture الخاص بالرأس.لان اللعبة التي اقوم بتصميمها “Los Angeles Undercover” للاندرويدللاندرويد. لا ارى ان الهاتف سيتحمل هذا القدر الهائل من الsplines.

Bee Clair says:

I don’t know if I said this before, but thank you so much for this tutorial

Marcio Rabelo says:

Perfect man, thanks!!!

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Krutika's Art Gallery says:


BastendorfEvergrass says:

MuhHair is a plugin, you liar, and one that clearly doesn’t work anymore.

zombiloko1 says:

yamen how you iluminate like that :OOO

Vương Khánh Phát says:


Laura Joe says:

is this the best method since then?

sagar ladva says:

is this model made in 3d max ?

Vladica Milosavljevic says:


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