3DS Max: How to create realistic terrain for beginners

3DS Max Tutorial: How to create realistic terrain for beginners
In this 3DS Max Tutorial I show you how to create a simple realistic terrain inside 3ds max using built in plugins.


Karthik Rao says:

liked your video ! Before this i was thinking making a terrain is going to be really hard but yeah it’s not now. Also liked the lotr references haha

Maybe it’s the video is there somewhere but i’d like to ask, i have 2 acres of land (in the real world) was wondering how do i go about mapping that.
Pull and push up the vertices after converting it to a ‘editable poly’?

I don’t intend to make it really accurate but just the basic drops and slopes, borders, place the trees, big boulders.

Intent is to landscape it, so i can commission the shire folk to build it for their lord (me).

John Robinson says:

I like your video

HarryHardhead says:

Just so you know, you ruined this video tutorial with you incessant Hobbit references. I never watched any of these movies (nor have most sane people).

Yousif Jabak says:

Great tutorial broski. Loved it.

Djura Markovic says:

well done…you are awesome, you are king 😀 it’s useful video

Nadia Qayyum says:

Very nice tutorial…Thank you!

Fernando Ferro says:

“realistic”? sure? Please

Sss Sss says:

That’s really usefull, Thank you.

minus minoas says:

dude, whats up with lotr references??? you know you don’t fall under that search category right? know your target group dude. disliked.

Nikola Savic says:

hahahhahahah nice

JiggleBaby501 says:

Love your refs to LOTR!! 🙂 I’m just in courses for 2D animation / 3D modeling 🙂 You did this in COMPLETELY awesome terms…I vividly see what you were describing and you sir, are a genius! 🙂

M kusanagi says:

been ut2k4 gaming for 3 years now.  mapping and modeling for the last year.  kept at changing tga to obj then getting a python script that would match the ase export.  your set-up from max to my desktop made an importable ase for unreal’s 2k4 editor.  that one motion finally makes some big waves in my mesh work for upcoming maps.  🙂  glad I could be a help in owing u one or more.  “|  see u then!!  -msi

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