3DS Max Lathe Modifier Tutorial

Quick lathe modifier tutorial for 3d studio max

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Simon Jiha says:

Hello from mr. martins class!!!

Alara27 says:

Saved my life thank you so much!

Cornelious Stradivarius says:

I followed it properly but my spline ends up looking like a toilet roll. So i inverted by selecting ‘Align’ and ‘Center’ after selecting lathe it it makes the shape alright but it has alot of black on it. So when I render it those black parts make it see through. very weird hope someone can help

GOPZ Studio says:

itz called tutorial…… ! :*

DreamWizard9 says:

That was totally awesome, man!
i love you!

Sayali Horambe says:

yes i was ,bt i watched clearly that it is in front view…………
btw gr8 video thanx…:)

Rob Krimm says:

Make more videos! I learned more in the past ten minutes, and I didn’t have to be tortured by a horrible Hindu accent… Please make more videos… How, bout camera following a line rendered to look like your going down a path, or racetrack. I’m in college and your tut’s are the best I’ve seen on youtube.

Valmoria says:

very useful info!! thanks!! more videos to come ~

mohaddis alam says:

this is important for me

Vadim Taranov says:

Awesome tutorial. Autodesk should hire you!

UNC00KED says:

Why did the audio change at 0:56? The audio up until then was really good, then for the rest of the video it was worse…

George Smirniotis says:

thanks champ your awesome

DreamWizard9 says:

haha that was aweseom dude!

jkkggg says:

oh gosh thats just like rotoscoping

i5usko says:

Ok Both this and revolve in cad make the object blocky with lots of polygons. I used turbo smooth to fix it but its still not quite the result I’m looking for, just lots more smaller polys that cause my slicer to lag. Why cant I just get smooth curves with this? What do I need to do to fix it. I want to export an stl for 3d printing so I dont know if that makes a difference in procedure or not.

Aremi Zuly Treviño Sarmiento says:

thanks for you help

junaid iqbal says:

easy totorial

Lazy Gamer says:

i have been working on 3ds max for 6 years …never saw this modifier …OMG! Im dumb really dumb. Thanks m8

Mr4Bagger says:

Hello thanks for making this tutorial video I missed this lesson on class day you made it look simple and easy great job

Hamidul Islam Sabuj says:

your describe this simply . Thank you.

Pro Tutorials says:

are you drawing your splines in the top view?

Epic Scamp says:

This helped me a lot since a lot of upper classmates in collage are jerks by making fun of me rather then helping me on the problem I have. So thumbs up and hope to tune into another tutorial video when I need it Thanks.

Roman P says:

I think that’s the best I’ve ever seen, because he speaks very clear (maybe not an american guy?) and shows which errors could happen and how to avoid it.
Respect, a very good tutorial.

jkkggg says:

i should have waited 5 seconds to comment…

Michał Teoś says:

Thanks for really useful tutorial ! Polish user 3ds max.

TheePizzaMan says:

Hey Dudely! I try to use the Lathe modifier to create a rifle scope but it always seems to go wrong. I do all steps that are shown here but the scope always seems disproportional. Any ideas?

Shinique04 says:

Can you please explain how to unwrap UVs? I’m having a hard time getting it & you’re the only one I can understand. lol

Banism24 says:

lathe and spin same?

Darius Aleksas says:

instead of getting just one image in my plane I get little tiles of the same image? how to adjust that?

PolygonPlethora says:

Thanks dude, really handy 🙂

Sayali Horambe says:

how did u lock z axis while rotoscoping????

Nacho says:

why when I colour my line it still appears white? please help

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