3ds Max Mastering Phoenix FD – River Tutorial Part 1

Copyright and proudly provided by Tsvetan Milanov!

In this chapter Tsvetan creates the simulation and setup the rendering. He then exports render elements that will be used in the second part of the tutorial to composite the final image in Nuke.


Steve Quantrill says:

mmmm… multi mattes are amazing! must use for compositing control

Ебурдей Гордеич says:

Hello, why your render of foam so fast? It is about 10-15 seconds! I have an hours of render in my scene with 9 millions particles. I have 16 gb RAM and 8 cores of processor

asdesigninua says:

а теперь на русском )

Ignacio Lopez Larsen says:

how yoy convert de voxel to mesh? i want to render in octane

Christian S says:

First, thankyou for making this tutorial!
One question: What is the advection method you used?
I notices in the beginningin your dynamic setting  was set to “multipass” – which causes problems for me when used for liquid..

Alexander Cooper says:

River Phoenix?

Game Android Official says:

why do not support plugin phoenix in windows 10? please reply my question

Jon Master says:

Hi may I find out if the basic sandbank & stone model can be shared? so i can try

Awaisi G says:

how to measure the side of object i mean that option in 3ds or we download

7omidy says:

i have problem
during sim and in frame of 50 my sim crash and blue screen show 
win 8 
ram 8Gb
pleas i am seeking about sol. for problem

Artus Adil says:

hello, how can I make the liquid collide with Phoenix FD only on one side. Inverting the normals doesn’t work?

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