3ds Max Modeling Basics

In this video we will cover the basics of modeling in 3ds Max, and we explain the fundamentals of working with 3ds Max Turbo smooth modifier.

Original post at: http://www.dkcgi.net/2016/01/12/3ds-max-basic-modeling/


Sergio Kauffman Acosta says:

Hello Mr. Keman, thanks for this great and very clear video. Using the spline sample, was the right thing to do! Somethimes, we can loose track of this simple concepts and really create a mess of our models.

Carl Wicker says:

Awesome, thanks xxx

Minh Duong says:

Oh man , you really teach me something new

smilingessence says:

guys fast forward it by 2 times, you’ll save half the time and youll still be able to understand him haha

Iputu Swardana says:

what version are you using?

Abdelmounim ZAki says:

Moving from Maxon, so many powerful tools in Max, thanks for the tips

ali al-amer says:

This is fantastic I really wish to be one of your students
Go Ahead Sir It is very useful & clear.
Thank you .
My Best Regards

HikikomoriGamer says:

I just really found out what the smoothing groups do. I knew they where there but I really din’t know what to do with them or what they did.


nice tutorial

callmedeno says:

any tips for setting up shortcuts or placing tools on the side like you have here?

Роман Лева says:

Спасибо, хорошо и внятно!

Mayuresh says:

After converting Box in editable poly, (Poly Selection) I want edges both horizontally & vertically… Can you tell me how to do it

No Name says:

Great tutorial. Very useful. Although I’ve already knew most of the things, now I can understand the principles of what I was doing just like a robot.   Thank you very much

DE299 says:

Wow this is a perfect way to start learning 3dsmax. Thank you very much.

Andy Luoaere says:

Very helpful tutorial. Subscribing.

swiffty1 says:

The preservation of one’s hole is paramount to a happy life.

Foued babou says:

great tutorial !!

dstancev says:

Thanks so much! great video!

Alice Dexter says:

Great tutorial 🙂

Efren Arizpe says:

Hey Denis, can you make a tree modeling tutorial or tips for populate branches with leaves?

madjid ryadh says:

awesome loud and clear xD

Ivan K says:

18.10 i think it’s better to use “collapse” option in this case.

bara siddiq says:

Subscribed right away

Matej Lučanský says:

I want ask you , how can you texture model after turbosmooth ? can you texture for example low poly model and then you click edit poly and set model with texture and after use turbosmooth ?is it coorect?

mariana mena says:


Sergio Quevedo says:

Hello Denis, first of all, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us. I´ve seen almost all of your videos and you´re just a master.

I´m kind of new in 3dmax because I´m an architect and usually we introduce into 3d world with autocad and I´m so used to the offset comand to do a lot of things.

Is there any way to do something like that with objets and edges in 3dmax?

For example, in a simple box, can I make a copy (offset) of an internal edge or a loop of egdes at certain distance to any side?
that would be very helpfull to create more realistic and precise models.

Thaks a lot for your time reading this, and I hope you can help me improve my skills.

ossama yassir says:

This is the noobiest question, but I don’t have that tool bar on the left and I don’t know how to get it, please tell me how! (2018 version btw).

mateusz kornecki says:

Great job Denis!

Glen Renner says:

20:20 “my hole, is really well preserved”

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