3DS Max – Rigging Biped FULL Tutorial

How to rig using the Biped system + Adding Bones + Weighting + Mirroring . I know it’s not perfect but do your best and don’t forget there’s a lot of resources to help you !


Matthew Harper says:

Absolutely beautiful job explaining this! Thanks a bunch!

gNightrow says:

Thank You So Much, this Tutorial is SOOOO Much Better than the Video I received from College, The lecturers at my Course are useless, this shows a tone of things that I missed out on. I looked for a proper up to date tutorial for about a month now and nothing is as good as this one, being an animator/ texture artist will be my dream job and I find it absolutely ridiculous that I couldn’t get any sort of good information from the people that supposedly where teaching me. Rigging should be easy but there are so many things that could go wrong in the process, I find it frustrating that I didn’t find out about this information sooner because I wasted a tone of time and was very nervous to not being able to hit my deadline. because of the amount of struggling I was putting up with I seriously was close to having a mental breakdown, I am so willing to work hard but at the same time I would like to go into a career that I enjoy and animation and game design is the path I would really want to get into, but I find it frustrating that the barrier that I need to overcome is rigging and you have shown me how to properly rig a character which is extremely helpful. it is so dumb that we weren’t taught how to use the biped option when it seems so much easier and seems like a more powerful tool than doing every single bone individually with the bone tool. we weren’t even taught how to properly use the weight tool in the envelope section that could have saved me so much time. I hope to see more tutorials like this from you in the future.

Enea Rusconi says:

Hi, your tutorial is very helpful, thank you so much.
One question guys
How do i import skeleton and mesh to a game engine to use them to animate the character?

Shwetal Lautre says:

Thanks for sharing ! Very useful tutorial, Recently i have stated my new job in a Gaming company, and they assigned me a model, which is very similar to this. so it will be very easy for me to rig it after watching your video.

Muna Tamimi says:

Your video is very helful thank you, but when i assign the power 1 to the leg parts and then test it, i loose the connection
between leg bones and model
can you help me in that?
i appreciate your help?
and thanks for the video again

Gogo says:

Transitioning from Softimage and Maya, I have to admit this ready made, adjustable biped system in max is pretty cool. I have a question about standard practices tho: I’ve always been used to building bones / rigs from scratch, is it more common in Max to use this biped and modify? or Manually creating a full biped using the bone tools the norm?

Unreal Engine Уроки на русском says:

sorry, but 11 minutes talking about nothung….

KatouMiwa says:

my options doesnt have the edit gemotry thing that you used to hide diffrent parts ? for example when u hid the leg and tail , i dont have that option

PC BEAST Nvidia says:

hey man i have this issue where the mesh doesnt follow the damn biped structure ??, it happens just like that. do u know how to fix dat x0

Rá Rạ says:

gosh I’ve been stuck with this, and I search and search the internet all over but I couldn’t find anything that as helpful as your tutorial. Thanks you so much

Angry Marine says:

This was a solid tutorial, nice job! you helped me a lot with my rigging 😀

Dan Bradshaw says:

My mesh doesnt follow my biped? does anyone know why?

Behnam saeidi says:

Wonderful Tutorial! Thanks!

Youtube Sucks says:

its super helpful bc you explain and show everything, thanks for that

lagclassroom says:

so clear to describe! Thank a lot

Mau Vasconcellos says:

So you’ve lost me on 24:21. See, I have a human body model available, but its not “one” block like yours. My model has a different part for arms, legs, head and so on. I couldn’t just select everything and convert it to “Poly” like you did. I tried moving forward, but in the end, the rigging didnt work. How can I “join” all these body parts into one, like yours? Thank you.

Philip Hibbert says:

Thanks you!

Jaimie Self says:

Great tutorial, thanks.

István Gáspár says:

Fantastic tutorial, thank you!

TechLife says:

thank you for the tutorial

Marlowman2015 says:

Thank you so much, this was very useful!! There not very many up to date videos on this right now. I have to have a model animated by tomorrow for class and this was a great tutorial.

Gavriel Fulcher Daniels says:

how do you zoom or pan without pressing the button

HARISH chidambaram says:

your 3d character is a perfect poly. When we browse net we get a lot of triangulated models. Will I be able to rig triangulated character models in 3d Max

Purunjay Saxena says:

please make it from start, then it also become helpful for new learners

MAO CHIU says:

Thanks for sharing !

Karl Hans says:

why when i select Figure Mode the arms and legs collapse towards the the torso and each other?

bear24908 says:

so cute :)) girl in dinosaur costume !

TheEngineerTCR says:

How did you get that menu on the left that shows the names of the bones in that Kamikila armour?

Yousif Ahmad says:

Thanks a lot man, I always hating talking a lot tutorials, but this tutorial, everything you said it’s useful, or funny comments, I like it a lot

Neurotyczny Kot says:

did you try CATrig or prefer to use biped?


you help me a lot. thanks man, need to learn for studies

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