3DS Max Spoon Modeling – Easy Beginner Tutorial

3DS Max Spoon Modeling.
This is an easy tutorial for beginners. In this video walk-through we will learn how to create a spoon in 3DS Max. We will clone and scale edges to draw out a simple shape. No image required! Enjoy!


Le Hanh says:


sarvesh jain says:

Thank you very much ma’am. It’s very helpful

ConTii! says:

Why you didn’t use Soft Selection?

3970xRocks says:

Hi Wendy, I’ve watched and completed about 8 of your tutorials. Something I don’t understand – sometimes you use turbosmooth and sometimes you use nurms – what is the difference and how do you know when to use each one?

Sara Zaki says:

thank you , you are very good teacher 🙂

Rogerio Guarnieri says:

WENDY HUTHER you are simply the best !!!!!Thank you…. Come to Brazil !!!!!

Omar Ahmed says:

that’s very comprehensive, thank you!

Faizan Khatri says:

beautifully created.

Emad Monji says:


Zone Raider says:

best videos I watch here love them ! I learn a lot of tricks everyday from your videos!!!!!! omg please make more

Zain Mughal says:

Perfect Tutorial !

Mike Morton says:

Great Video:) Subscribed

Student Of Pakistan SOP says:

Thank you

DaN Oliveira says:

How great. Wendy Huther, will you marry me?

Michael Morrow says:

Wendy, I think i answered my own question through a little research :). You cannot use the hold shift method when 3dmax is in Maya view port mode. so my question now is how can you do it while you are using the maya mode ? i really do not wish to change since i am used to navigating this way. is there a work around for it ?

chicho cuellar says:

Muchas gracias Wendy ! he aprendido una nueva forma de crear objetos !!

HUSSEIN m.jammali says:

Thanks mum

Aniket Dandge says:

i did it thx mam

Murray Boyton says:

Many thanks, I learned a lot from your video.

TDot Toons says:

Great tutorial! Thanks a million! I studied 3d animation in college and I am trying to get back into the industry, i found this tutorial extremely helpful.

Le Hanh says:


CobraL0rd says:

I just love your tutorials Wendy. Thanks.

Max Mckinnon says:

very helpful

Yanbao Ke says:

HelloTeacher Wendy Huther

MetallicRed Ranger says:

Finally I did it!!! Thank you so much for the kind tutorial :)))

Montague Flange says:

Talk to fast, Can’t keep up.

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