3ds Max Tutorial | Cloth Simulation

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In this tutorial, we go over some of the basics on cloth animation/simulation in 3ds Max, and see how it ca be used to dramatically showcase your work. 3ds Max can handle cloth in a very organic and realistic way, and this is what we are going to take advantage of!

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thanoulis9 says:

great tutorial bro . but how can i simulate hanging clothes, like a pair of jeans hanging from one point ?

The Cosmic Rabbit says:

thanks for the vidoes <3 i'm still learning the basic i'm learning better skill sets for painting on OBj mesh model i need to learn to make mesh clothing for second life.

dorpho55 says:

nice work…now, how can i apply 2 different material in this plane, (or the same thing in a paper simulation) one art or text in one side and the other side just white….can you help me please ??? i think it have to be make with edit mesh modifier, but i dont know how….

Adrián Lozano says:

Hi, thanks for sharing, that was a nice tutorial but i´m looking for something a bit more complicated i guess, maybe not, hope you can help me, i need to do something like lets say cover a metal structure with a semi translucent or semi-transparent cloth, like that of a stocking maybe and i need it to look tightly wrapped around it so the cloth takes all the shapes, to later put some lights in it to create a fading effect, don’t know if i’m clear enough explainig this, maybe i can send you a p.m with a sample image and see if you can help me. Thanks in advance.

XFX3D says:

You should have turned on self-collision. It’s unrealistic when the cloth intersects itself.

Josefina Nord says:

What else can you do if you want the cloth to fall onto a box with edges? I want to make a sheet on a bed but the cloth cuts through like in the video. I tried using a chamferbox as a “mattress” and it helps a litte since it’s not as square, but still doesn’t work like I want it to. Any suggestions?

mohamad zairi baharom says:

Can I simulate a plastic gear rotating on a zipper tape using this software? I would like to see the deformation on the zipper tape when a couple of rotating plastic gear rotating & sink on both sides of the zipper tape?
Thank you.

damian quirola says:

my plane goes down through the cube. I don´t know what happen. Could you help me???

RubaDub Vogel says:

does anyone knows how the cloth cannot cut itselve

Jacob Fausett says:

my simulation will not go past frame 16 because there is a message that says “Decreased because cloth is over-stretched” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!? help me

miller brown says:

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Nima B says:

dude you’re awesome!

Krutika Anandjiwala says:

thank thanks

maher mz says:

thaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
toooooooo much

Variance Within says:

If your vocals are going to be -22db, PLEASE turn your music down to the same volume as the AVERAGE volume of your speaking. PLEASE. 

Hard ToDie says:

hey bro, i did some cloth simulation rit now, but the cloth just kinda fall through the surface of the collision object. why that?
ps : ASAP 🙂

AnimeMangaCraze1 says:

ff you by 2x and you sounded like you’re rapping but you still could be understood lol. thanks. now i understood why i couldnt do my simulation. i clicked my objects as inactive lol.

Daniel Decker says:

Thank you so much, this video really helped me in designing props for some projects I’m working on.

J Abbey says:

You’re intro music sucks!  Why do such an obnoxious intro? Just get on with the tutorial..sheehs.

Matt Fracassini says:

Super! Thanks


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RubaDub Vogel says:

i putt turbo smooth on the table but the cloths still forms in a boxed shape

bimbz bumz says:

the plane doesn’t exist in my object properties,,,it cant attach to table,,when i go to cloth.object properties,.cloth and then doesnt exist in attach list of cloth,,only box appers on it

Helen Rowlett-Barbu says:

when I hit the simulate button nothing happens. Any suggestions?

Shaheedur Shaikh says:

Very nice work

samar das says:

Its not working sir i hv reinstalled my software again thn i worked bt nw again its nt working

นิศศา พลอยมนตรี says:

Hi I have just watched this in 2016. It’s useful but I have a question that I can’t save this cloth to .3ds file. So please tell me a solution. (I assume that because it’s not a mesh. If it’s true, how can I fix it?) Thx

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