3ds Max Tutorial – Edit Poly Modifier – Modifier Stack 3ds Max – Workshop 02

How to work in the modifier stack and use some of the graphite modeling tools as well as some basic modifiers to get quick forms and structures produced for conceptual modeling.


Nilesh Rajput says:

hi thanks for the video..but the video you have uploaded is not vissible..its hazzy.
i will be thankful to you if you could upload clear video..pls comment..thanks in advance

Milly Durovic says:

Great video!

Arne Munther says:

Great video. Keep them coming.

Jorge Guzman says:

great, you are is big,mery good tutorial, thanks

Rafik khan shaikh says:

nice and good


Great videos, great tutorials. Thank You.

Miles says:

Thanx!! one of steeps helped me

Paul Fatkins says:

Sounds good… you could also do it by using some of the graphite selection tools, and then scaling it manually after you have a varied selection…. there are again also scripts you could use to vary the size and scale of the polys when you are in the sub layer

NEAL-DIGI Tutor says:

Nice one…)
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Dror says:

Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Amy C says:

Hi Paul! I have a question in regards to the delete mesh in 20:27. I followed every step up until that point, but as soon as I click delete mesh, the entire second object disappears. What do you think my problem is?

W0ND3RB0Y says:

17:52 Okay whos having sex in the background.? -.^

Dogac Tekman says:

hi. i got a question. @11:45 when you add a new edit poly modifier and then attach sphere to it, you encounter no problems after you click first edit poly. but when i do the same(switching 2nd edit poly to 1st edit poly) i got a error message “a modifier in the stack exists on topology…” whenever i switch between edit poly’s it pops up this warning and i have to press “yes” to continue working. why do i get this message? i done same steps. i am using 3ds max 2017.

Sergey Popirecnik says:

Oh man… its all about Sigmund Freud… you are modelling penis?

Miral Mahran says:

Thanks For Sharing 🙂

luân nguyển bá says:

thank all is great stretch

Андрей Миронов says:

Чем бы дитя не тешилось! Cool!

AshurnasirpalII says:

I watched it all and it is great but what I meant a variance random size of the honeycomb using the edit poly, any how I think I will try edit spline and convert it into edit poly following your steps. Your tutorial is best and doesn’t consume time in rendering. Paul you are a genius and again thank you.


this is a very usefull and great tutorial. 🙂 a thousand thanks from here

unbelievabubble says:

Great tut thanks!

kdrchauhan says:

Very Nice Learning 🙂

Ray Shade says:

Thanks a ton.

Step Razor Production says:

Great video. Thanks a lot man.

Caesar Ma says:

really helpful~ thx 

MrMartGonzo says:

Great tutorial, thanks

one handy tip for anyone using 3dsmax 2013 or 14, zoom around mouse point has been moved to Customize User Interface -> Mouse tab.

took me ages to find it :-/

T B says:

Hello, I’m using this tutorial for something i’m making in my class but for some reason i can’t seem to get my subdivide modifier underneath my Meshsmooth in the list 
is there a way to fix this?


Paul Fatkins says:

just need to show the ribbon, tools are built in, search google on how to show the ribbon

Ben Mateffy says:

Please do some more tutorial if you have the time. Your tuts are amazing, really detailed and good audio and video quality.

myopicvision says:

Awesome video. Lot of neat tricks with stack modifiers. Thanks!

Dmetrey437 says:

18:03 – meow!

AshurnasirpalII says:

Thanks Man, that was excellent tutorial, I have 2 questions, if you can help me with them, I will be in your debt,
1. If I want to make parametric honeycomb facade, can I use the edit poly? and how that can be done?
2. If I want to create voronoi curved facade, how can I do it in 3ds max?
I can do it in grasshopper but I like the 3ds max more because I have my V-Ray on max and I kind of more familiar with the 3ds max than rhino.

عبدالله الدخيل الله says:

I’m really grateful to you ..

65 Roses says:

this is awesome! Thank you so much, exactly what i was looking for! you are amazing!!! =D

Paul Fatkins says:

This video is HD quality, try changing your view settings… Click gear in YouTube window

Zycho says:

What should I learn, Cinema 4D or 3Ds MAX?

Maryam Sh says:

You are the best! and I could hear you cat! 🙂

keshav sharma says:


Paul Fatkins says:

Yes you can do a honeycomb pattern… this is what I showed at the end of the video… did you watch the whole thing? also just do a search for Tutorial: Voronoi and PhysX by Yegor Tsyba he has a nice one, with a link to a script, also script spot website is a good place to get max script for this… you can watch my organic modelling video, then run the script on your curved form…

Adal Carter says:

thanks for making me jealous, cause iam on maya……that happens every time to me…thank you that 3dsMax users alway has so many extra special multi hyper dyper tools…

DarkSpydaIV says:

The display driver crashes if I apply a multi sub-object material to the object at 26:33

Vincent Gascon says:

I think its great that you tell everyone what keys you press everytime you press something, because you’re not only teaching us about the edit poly, but how to get the workspace and workflow better. Saved me alot of time. it helped me alot. thanks!

Noor Tayeh says:

you are soooo awesome … really great tutorial thanks a million

Ivkov Ivkov says:

i have limited my self to using Maya 2017, for 3d modelling all this time. after seeing this “Modifier stack” that can’t at all be the same with const history nodes in Maya, I think that alone would be a very big advantage for max users, it will save 90% of modelling time, especially when real artists have to often correct and re-edit complex models. Even if there spreads rumors max will be replaced by Maya. When we look at whats going on now, there is still no MODIFIER STACK in “Maya 2018”. I’m switching to Max right here, right now…… One last question though, if i made a box in Max. And then beveled all edges. And then i wanted roll back to not beveling it. then change the positions of the 4 vertices of the cube to deform it in any shape. Will i still be able to re-enable my previous bevel operation, with the now deformed cube?

Paul Fatkins says:

There are many ways – most simple – take your contour and extrude a surface with the extrude modifier.

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