3Ds Max Tutorial for Beginners – How to create a Stylized Chest – Modelling [Part 1]

3Ds Max Tutorial for Beginners – How to create a Stylized Chest – Modelling Part 1

This video is part 1 in a 5 part series. In this tutorial, Jason will discuss 3d modeling techniques for making a stylized chest that is optimized to be used as an in game 3d asset. This video discusses 3d modeling from a beginner standpoint and walks you through modeling the basic structure of the chest. He begins by discussing the importance image references and how good references can result in great final models. He discusses using primitive objects, converting them to editable polygons and attaching the primitive objects to make a single object. He discuss what good topology is and working with edge loops and elements.

This tutorial was created exclusively for Edge-CGI by Jason Ault, feel free to check out his YouTube channel CtrlAultDelTutorials for more 3d modeling tutorials.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial Stay tuned for more!

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Adrian Dinca says:

If the segments are not visible just press F4 they will pop up.

Legendary Gaming says:

That was very helpful Jason thank you so much! I really enjoyed watching your video and it was incredibly helpful I learned a ton and I found that I didn’t need a lot of prior knowledge because you explained almost everything down to the basics and it was digestible and productive. Thanks again!

Music in translation says:

hi, ive got 3ds max 2017 and i cant find the ‘swift loop’ function? can anyone help please?

Ashley AMV says:

not a beginner to 3ds max, more of intermediate. but this tutorials teached me some things i wasnt aware of. thanks 😀

Filip Sapojnicov says:

wtf dude ? lol

Shroud Rehab says:

Lmao lol haha

Nocturnal says:

Doesnt help that your function shortcuts are different from the default ones i have…

ChamounixRBLX says:

When I weld the surfaces together, the line on the sides dont disappear, any ideas why? thanks

MuslimPCTuts says:

This is my only beef with “industry standard” 3d modeling apps, it takes waaaaay too long to make even the simplest of shapes. I could’ve made this same exact object in Sketchup literally in few short minutes. I know Sketchup is not great but it is just so intuitive and fast to model in.

MotoSavage says:

My box is see through… why isnt it solid?

menotyou135 says:

I like this tutorial.

EverySingle Bit says:

Thanks man, those are precious tuts !

Ksandr Kerr says:

Why the object sometimes disappear in viewport, like at 5:20, 8:48, etc?

Genii Smith says:

where can i get this software?

RaToCa99 says:

I have a trouble that i can make the chest but some faces are with color but the others are in black

Sharan Vijay says:

sir iam new to 3ds max Wat are the keyboard shortcuts did u used for the modelling plz explain me I am a beginner of 3ds max so kindly help me

Moayed Hossami says:

thank you very much, but I need files work .

Moowahn says:

Thanks sir.

aries maru says:

what aplication you use?

William Heckman says:

“These ones” is grammatically incorrect.

Caost says:

Maybe someone can find this usefull. At 7:43 remember to press ctrl while clicking on Vertex. I got crazy because I wasn’t pressing ctrl so I wasn’t able to weld the vertices 🙂

Sakurahan gaming says:

Will you be willing to make a BLENDER version of this tutorial please.

Sharan Vijay says:

sir iam new to 3ds max Wat are the keyboard shortcuts did u used for the modelling plz explain me I am a beginner of 3ds max so kindly help me

The Bollockz says:

I have seen all your video tutorials
, But I do not like this video

Exthase Original says:

i cant right click in the menu bar at the top on “pivot point center” or open any menu from it. i see in the right bottom corner a white triangle(for more options) but i cant open anything….

The Red Mammon says:

i cant see the segments?

David Akridge says:

I’ve searched for days online for a good beginning tutorials. This is perfect. Thank you so much.

Amaterasu says:

Thanks mate nice tutorial!

Qasim Bin Mehmood says:

After converting to editable poly, when I try to scale the two edges, they deform the complete box instead of moving the two edges aside equidistantly … Need help

Joey Vellestra says:

a great tutorial because it doesn’t fall into the trap of only teaching you how to do the very specific subject but teaches you enough to figure out how to do more yourself

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