3ds Max Tutorial: Modeling A Cushion Using Cloth Modifier

3ds Max Tutorial: Modeling A Cushion Using Cloth Modifier
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The cloth modifier is great for creating really natural looking models relatively easily. In this case, it makes it extremely easy to create a realistic cushion. I explore this technique, plus many many more in my Furniture Masterclass course. There I use the cloth modifier, plus every other technique one would need to create awesome furniture. I also show you the proper workflows for getting high detail, but not so high polygon count. You’ve all seen those awesome furniture models out there on the internet. Now, learn to make them yourself. The course will also include a mudbox workflow for sculpting ultra high detailed assets for your scenes. Hope you like the preview lecture.

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magictreenom says:

Whenever I start the drop it collides but not on the plane I set up for the collision but Above it. I have tried reset XForms but it dos nothing and I double check my bounding boxes. Any ideas?

LilPrince1511 says:

Thanks for this very helpful video!….. Can you help me on how to save it as an object and remove the animation, without removing your final desired shape of the pillow? Thanks!

Daniel Russo says:

thank you!

emman sacmar says:

nice thank you

Harry Ariyandi says:

Until 6:48, I followed the instruction.. but when I press the Simulate.. It suddenly the pillow is gone.. Can you tell me please? Thanks

Jimmy-Tuong Nguyen says:

6:00 i set my gravity -100 just like you but when i simulate, the pillow just goes through the platform to the bottom. What’s wrong?

Emil Klingberg says:

Great tut, but man the cloth sim in max is shit

flora I says:

I’m an interior designer and I love that chop LOL!

Jez2008UK says:

Great tutorial but I *really* dislike orthographic views !

Ashraf El.Saied says:

Thank you ^_^

rheaydgejhie reyes says:

thanks man!!

hypersapien says:

My modeling skill has increased by 1 point.

Salma Medhat says:

this video is so much help thank you so much!
but my cushion doesnt move till it meets the sofa, when i increase the gravity and simulate, nothing happens i dont know why!

Akin Karapinar says:

When I start the simulation of pillow, it falls and get through into from another box without stopping. How may I fix that ?

Ayura D says:

thank u, so helpfull! ^ ^

SomeGuy says:

Can you disable zooming in your tutorials? It’s really annoying.

socrates112 says:

Awesome tutorial. Many thanks for making this.

Designated Truth says:

That was nice and simple to make the pillows for the sofa I had to model for 3D modeling class. Thanks (5*)

Ukik says:

Thank you! 🙂

Brenda Harrison says:

OMG, that would take me a thousand hours to do. Anyway can you send me that cushion as a template, that I can paste images on to. lol

abrar ahmed says:

thnx a lot bro


Thank you

tabasco411 says:

Great tutorial!

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