3ds Max Tutorial Part 1: Viewports, Shortcuts, Navigation Tools and More

Hi and welcome back to the 3ds Max series for beginners. So I guess you’re interested in learning the program as you have moved along from the introduction video. This means you have the drive to learn. This is awesome!

I’m totally pumped to start this series, and so should you. Remember where you are right now. You may have little to no idea how to use the program. The first parts are probably going to go slow, but soon enough you will be up and on your way.

In this part of the series, you will be learning the basics of the program…meaning what view ports are, how to navigate, how to “be pro” and take advantage of shortcut keys to work more efficiently. Again, this video may be a little basic, but it’s simply one of those important stepping stones to getting familiar and comfortable with the program.

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abdul rahman says:

very nice bro

Nur a Shams says:

Downloading…thanks bro.

iExD says:

@Zorrinth lol.

Masslrp0wn says:

damn dont have a computer what now 🙁

demon6937 says:

very understandable and the video is clear too its readable tnx for this tutorial i learn something new even i’m late to learn this stuff….hoping i can be able to design cars,3d animes like final fantasy,etc.

coijoi says:


Darshan chauhan says:

dear I’m darshan
I had a query ,whenever I’m making object in prespective view n going to render it the ended image getting tottaly opposit like
I don’t know about setting so could I pls help me out if I have suggestions pls email me darshanchauhan885@gmail
pls do me a fever… it’s a grand request

chethan che says:

thank you so much

martinwettig says:

7 cinema users were here so far…

Heena Fathima says:

how do u spin around the perspective?

Joseph Laughlin says:

You young man are a blessing, Ive just started learning all about Autodesk 3ds Max at college and was finding it hard to follow until I came across your tutorials,now I can animate objects as well as other great things.Thank you very much for making these tutorials simple and easy to follow.

VvCompHelpvV says:

@GirlsLoveSkittlez The View Cubes? Try ATL+CTRL+V 8)

kristyan wijaya says:

thanks bro…

Sharif Chitrali says:

Dear Sir

Your videos and Tutorials are performing great role to teach us about the basic functions of 3d Max. Please continue your efforts in this regards. Thank you very much for your videos

dylophosaurus says:

I agree! I’ve been modeling for about 5 months, but the way that these videos teach is very helpful to remind me of tips to improve my workflow. sometimes you forget the basics if you only learned them once

Steffanie Doles says:

I just got 3ds max as a gift and have no idea how to use it. This video is massively helpful. And you’re a really good teacher. 🙂 Thanks so much!

PingDuhPong says:

This is about 3,000 buc for the program.

Lord Sesshomaru says:

i cant see the windows its just a black window with nothing there. even when i try to construct a box. can anyone help me?

Jerry Vlogs says:

@macypctutoriales correct. At least the right click quad menu lags..

Dwight Newton says:

I went through this whole series in one day and I have to say these are the most helpful tutorials in 3D modeling I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot of them. I’ve been struggling with a dozen different modeling programs (including 3DS Max) and none of them ever made any sense to me. This simple, practical approach with hands on modeling has really made it work for me at last. A bit weak on the Materials info, but even that was helpful in getting me started. Thank you so much!

Mihai says:

this is cool ◕ ‿ ◕

Jason Mick says:

You might think that your videos are only helpful to complete beginners, but as a user with some familiarity with 3DSMax (I made art for one 3D iPhone game in 3DS, but am still kludgy skill-wise) I can say your tutorials are still extremely helpful — I’m learning faster workflow, picking up new tricks.

Your attitude is great and you really are doing a great service to users everywhere. Thank you, sir.

iExD says:

What’s the difference between Maya and 3ds Max?

SomeGuy says:

How do I rotate view? (not orbit, but rotate like in first-person shooter)

teh theng ming says:

Hey Help !!!! i cant like moving the screen of top/left/front…its just able me to highlight….sorry im totally newbie.

Karl Hans says:

When I open a 3DS MAX file the model is in this box like thing with white edges, what is this view and how do I turn it off or on?

Primlal D says:

sir how can i turn the single veiw port into four veiwport

Mac Y Pc Tutoriales says:

@CJCA915 it is 45nm but still sucks. its slower than the core 2 duo I had. I might get a Phenom x6 later for my new build.

Hunter Lamm says:

yeah dont quit your day job

невинный душа says:

thank you 🙂 i will start learning from today

donicx1 says:

this reminds me of a program i use o yeah blender to make 3d animation and other cool stuff

Bruce says:


OhLookItsRabid says:

Sub. Keep up the great work. Quick, to the point, and very clear.

SuperMessi321 says:

how do you download that program man please comment back

Asra Syeda says:

Help! Im using 3dsmax 2013 and in the 4 boxes it is just white instead of the grid and the 3D grid, i’ve been searching everywhere but I can’t find a solution.

Δ says:

Thank you. Clear, succinct & informative.


PingDuhPong says:

Me two

Heena Fathima says:

and i cannot see the orbit icon or whatever its called on the top right of every viewport..:(((

steveN says:

thank you really much 😛


Just watching the first episode I can tell this series is going to tell me everything I need to know +1 sub

Trinity is still my name says:

. I did as it exists in the commentary, but everything is different, for example, nothing happens key. Something he does not 
Why. The solution please

Pathrose S says:

Good video for the beginners.

Isaac Prest says:

Oh my goodness, after watching this first tutorial I can’t wait to watch the rest! Keep up the great work man, you make it pretty exciting to learn, especially when you’re so clear and paced about it.

Jerry Vlogs says:

@AlexTechTV Hey awesome! **Fun fact..My channel was originally supposed to be called “CompHelp”..name was taken. So that’s why I still pronounce my channel as “Comp Help”.

I’m super happy you like my video style. 8)

Delfin Suministrado says:

I have just finished seeing all 15+ 1 videos. Your videos are great. I learned a lot very fast. And I know that as I have to practice to develop my skill, I will have to see them again. Thank you very much!

dylophosaurus says:

the viewcube is the enemy! don’t use it!

Tola En says:

I will start

JOLTuniverse18 says:

how do u get that small diagram on the top right of each viewpoint?

Broockle says:

Is scrolling really the only way to zoom? I’m coming from Maya and there you can hold alt and RMB and move the mouse to scroll, it’s way more accurate.

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