3ds Max Tutorials – V-RAY for Beginner (With Bonus V-RAY HDRI Tutorial)

Best tutorial for V-Ray and V-RAY HDRI render on 3DS Max for beginner 🙂

Download HDRI Image (Right click on the image and save) :


Raju N says:

Thank you Tara. Video was really helpful

Pavol Kudela says:

hey man i cant see the VRAy plane after rendering

Adrien Matos says:

Nice! Thanks for this simple tutorial.

tulasi nair says:

Very nice tutorial

Jeremia Siahaan says:


miegoreng1416 says:

thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!

Saja Alnour says:

very useful thank you

Joe Henson Marin says:

Even Your video was published on 2011, I can understand it more compare to other latest videos.!


thank you

jhon cool says:

buset deh, baru bisa ya bang? btw kompi lo lemot amat, core lo brp tuh 😀

Aisha Naeem says:

Can anyone please help me, whenever I take out a render of the teapots following the exact same steps mentioned in the tutorial, my glass teapot doesn’t seem to have any shadows and it kinda looks like its floating in mid air. Especially the shadows casted at the bottom of the glass teapot. I can’t seem to figure it out. Maybe I’m missing something.

Olatunji Mohammed A. says:

Tara, you just made my day! I love you… Thank so much!

Asmaa Mobarak says:

thankyouuuu taraaa keep going

Tegar Sahrul says:

berguna banget, makasih

Kareem Jawahri says:

hello poeple
i use Max 2015 + v ray 3.2
when i try to render a spot it renders another place.. i can’t control where i want to render.. PLSSSS HEEELP 🙁 ??????????

john cho says:

I just realized it only* costs like 1000$ to buy the license for v-ray.. (My dreams and hopes died with it)

fairy tale says:

you are real mann…sirr… u are ultra ledgend…

kimwell rena says:

Thank you tara, more videos please!

matanzeemalam ansari says:

Thank You very much sir

Melissa Tanniadi says:

kalao mau add texture material gmn ya pak?

karthik jayaraam says:

Thanks for teaching 🙂

Иван Кашигин says:

Thank You very much!

ka air says:

Thanks Tara ^^

Arthur Sabbatini Buoro says:

Muito Obrigado! ^^

Antonio Brown says:

Why on earth do you think you need background music?

Muhammad Awais says:

Fabulous tutorial . i am happey.i am satisfied. Thankyou so much .

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