3DS Max Woman character Body cylinder base

This is a 3DS Max character modeling tutorial, but the techniques are applicable to any 3d software package.
No sound / no narration – Download start file : https://anetav.art.blog/2016/12/21/woman-character-body/
Apply symmetry modifier; go to 2:23
Modifier Stack Controls: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2017/ENU/3DSMax/files/GUID-80209C3A-C2E4-4541-8738-D1E5ECE16E9C-htm.html


sagorado1 says:

wonderfull ty for sharing

Rafael Freires Ibelli says:

Great tutorial Aneta!!!!!!!

Semi Rukiya says:

I’ve seen many tutorials, many different techniques, but this one is something new. It looks like You save a lot of time forming a base body mesh, what is great! Thanks to You my knowledge is growing up again 😀

Pesho Pesho says:

how do you import this pictures of woman in 3ds

j7sx says:

thank you for tutorial

Toshiro987 says:

NICE! How did you turn the opacity down for the object in the beginning?

Kateryna Tkachenko says:

very neat and accurate, amazing tutorial, thank you!

Newlivetech says:

nice job how can i take my character modelling to iclone or unity3d

Sümeyra Dedeoğlu says:

Can you give me reference drawing

Laxman Thapa says:

Very impressive

Designated Truth says:

oh it worked now thanks, didn’t know what I did. . . you are great. thanks

lazyalis says:

Why no specify 8 sides for leg’s cylinder? :(((((
I missed that one, now I have to redo the leg’s modelling (I was going to target weld the leg to torso)

Kam Cho says:

Very Good tutorial


very nice tutorial

Luiz Henrique says:

how do you work with the 2 sides ???????? PLEASE 2:27

Vishal Bhardwaj says:

ur video is gud but could u send me a link for the reference image….
thank u….

Arieanna Matusky says:

its not letting me target weld i dont know how you are doing that lol but this tutorial is amazing

TheOriginalMakaaka says:

Great tutorial. I’ve been modelling for ages but recently I’ve been trying to be more efficient. I think your method is an excellent way to efficiently make some base meshes. Thankyou VERY much for this video as it gave me some insights.

Ashok Ash says:

excellent video simple and smooth but applying this method in maya xd subscribed

Iraqi Man says:

great job, I learned a lot ! thank you so much,  like and subscribed

vacla camelia says:

hy can you make a video with voice explain please i realy want to start making this i like it alot and want to start modeling thanks

Rakhima Ibragim says:

hi, can we make animation with this skin? by rigging?

sagorado1 says:

hey what is the shortcut of work that you have done at 14.01-14.10, ty by the way great job

Designated Truth says:

Too bad this is not in audio lesson, I couldn’t get my arm to bridge after selecting one side it do not show my options anymore if I choose both body and arm, plus symmetry you must be short cutting because I see the symmetry appeared on the arm automatically. Great Tutorial anyway, I never figured I can create a human from just a box or sphere.

gamers life says:

how can i get this drawing

Patrik Radacic says:

I have seen quite many tutorials and this is one of the better because you make it easy but still with great result

samarth sanap says:

good one

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