3dsmax Tutorial – Beginners Guide #1 – Introduction to max

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Welcome to low level introduction to 3dsmax (2017)! So much to learn in this software that I hope to share with everyone!

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Half Way Lambda says:

Do you know if i could use 3ds max to make models for gold source engine games like half life 1? Because, using milkshape 3D is a pain in the butt…

Frosty Games says:

I’m coming from c4d and this look’s complex!!

Ahmed El Shendidy says:

great videos man, keep up the tutorials for beginners like me^_^
same as like this video its fabulous xD

Lilith Kumar says:

Very understandable explanation ….thanks

Korepta says:

how to make props for hammer please 🙂

Kai Olivier says:

can you tell us how to make source engine models in Blender?

The Siphon says:

All 3D modeling software is really hard. I have tried out both 3dsmax and Blender, but without any results.
One thing that would help that would be buttons instead of hotkeys, just like in Hammer. Also generally 3D modeling is a lot harder than mapping.

Trav164 says:

Cracking idea for a series, can I get the wallpaper please?

Brooklyn Oketch says:

im sorry this is kind of late..im a total beginner and i find you going fast.

Ryan Antoniotti says:


KiriakosBlackWolf says:

Hey man, please make a video of making custom models in hammer

Trav164 says:

Wallpaper please?

Hadrian Ioan says:

Thanks , dam good video , dam good explanations … I’m in your debt 😛

hahahaproduction1 says:


Thaleia says:

Great, straightforward tutorial, thank you so much for uploading!

Lost1nTranslation says:

Thank you! Great video!

The Whale Man says:

Well gee wizz, if only there were a way to see TopHattWaffle’s videos early.

Rudi says:

If only I had 3dsmax 🙁

Gerson M. O. says:

Valve is no longer using 3DS Max, but It’s a good tutorial anyways.

alexander frank says:


Thanh Le Thi says:

Can I add things I created by this into sdk hammer ?

Rix G5 says:

finally :), can you make a video tutorial about animation models(like chickens or birds) and how to compile them.

Marksman says:


Furiosa - All About Valve says:

Want to learn making model, but my potato only can run Blender, cry everytime.

Its been a long time, im looking for you to make model tutorial. Love it.

MightyNonsenseMaker says:

thank you so much for your tutorials! very interesting and indepth, even seasoned veterans can learn a trick or two!

MonsieurCoinCoin says:

I’m used to Blender. And since i have to use 3DS Max for my studies, i throw up every day because of crashes, start up times and hugging non-sense inside that program.

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