Blade Tutorial – Part 1 – Modeling & UV Unwrapping – 3Ds Max 2017

Scene setup, low and highpoly modeling, unwrapping and exporting the files over to Substance Painter 2.

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Software Requirements:
– 3Ds Max 2017, 2016 or 2015

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Dannton says:

This is really on a professional level, there is no doubt! That brings a little problem: You are very quick in what you do, but you should not explain your last step while doing the next step already. I had a hard time following and I had to rewind several times. In the end it was worth it! Thanks for this top quality tutorial!

Maju Piju says:

Hey m8 thx for the tutorial rly nice.
I have come to the point where i have to cut out the radius and the parts where u cut around the 18 segment zylinder. I made the same settings but my cut fuction isnt working like it should. i cant place points free or with the snap in left view. only if i turn the view in abit to get this orto view then its napping the points. im working with 3ds 2015. if somebody could help me to sort out the problem why i can put free cut points. thx ;D

ZirrelStudios says:

Try detaching only the faces you are going to Boolean first, then Boolean those, clean and reattach – creates less stray verts ;0))

Ascaroth says:

Thank you for your videos, man! I’m a beginner and this helps me a lot to find and establish my personal workflow.

Internal Perception says:

Where do i find the reference image for this project?

brazwen says:

I was following this video and about halfway through, my MMB decided to stop working. Can’t pan the scene now. Will get a new mouse and pick up where I left off.

pixelcomet says:

“FDD” hehe

zum says:

i know this is not for beginners but i think in future videos you should slow down and describe things better. you also use tons of hotkeys every few seconds without noting what they are and what they do. i’m 5 minutes in and it’s been 2 hours:/

Keith Tam says:

may I also ask that when you were at the unwrap window, when you placed an object outside of the original square boundary, it would automatically extend, mine one doesn’t do that, can you tell me how to adjust the setting please?? thanks again.

Deiby Santiago Montenegro Bahamon says:

Hey ChamferZone, i got a problem later i do the thing in 7:33, and my object gets deformed
what i have to do ? 🙁

Leonpg says:

Hast du eigentlich irgendwo dein User Interface geteilt? Würde wirklich gerne deins benutzen finde es übersichtlicher als das normale. Danke für die Antwort im Voraus. 🙂

Shane Turk says:

at 1:34 you begin adding vertices into the unwrap and moving to make it straight using max 2016 and am really having some trouble finding out how to do this, i am on vertices but i cant move and straighten like you can, it just messes up and drags vert’s or moves the whole unwrap section.i if possible can anyone help? p.s thank you so much for the tutorial,your knowledge and guidance is invaluable

〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈 says:

How do you add the Blue Anker Point Verts in UV unwrapping 1:33:45

yoboychicken1232 says:

does anyone know where i can get his reference image from?

bassage13 says:

I’m enjoying all of your videos, some of the best out there! One quick tip for you. For example, at 1:05:04, you don’t need to select a ring of edges and convert to faces. Just click one face, then hold shift and click the face next to it and it will give you a ring of those faces.

Keith Tam says:

I got two questions; first, if i just simply using photoshop for the texture(for non-game model), should I apply the turbo/meshsmooth under or above the unwrap in the stack?? the second question is, I didn’t see you using things like boolean on the handle for the 9 indentations, how did it automatically translated when you export the model into Substance Painter?? thanks!!!

Aksyonov Mod says:

Thank you, i buy your lessons in steam! It would be cool if you
found the time to record new lessons, in as much detail,
modeling a sword for example.

Gustavo Henrique says:

Image Ref?

Marcos Dimagi says:

I have switched from 3Ds Max 2011 to 2016 and when i drop a plane on the left, top or front viewport and set it to 0,0,0 position i can see the grid through the plane which is very annoying and…I can not get rid of this! Someone cant help me please!

DeJon Cage says:

where is the blade image at so i can reference it?

Hannes says:

Hi! nice videos, really great right now since I’m in the beginning of learning 3ds max! What’s the purpose of connecting vertex that are isolated to eachother, aren’t those connections unnecessary?

QueenMonkfish says:

Can someone give me tips on how to make custom hotkeys..? I know its in customize user interface, under Keyboard.. But whenever i make custom hotkey for Edit Poly its now working. For example ive made C a hotkey for connect edge, but if i press C its says no cameras in scene.. I dont want to replace all default hotkey cause i use some of them.. What is your aproach guys?

yoboychicken1232 says:

Where can i find texttools download for 3ds max?

stuart ulrich says:

im having trouble with the double chamfer at 36.00, both edges are not moving equally, the newly created edge moves but the existing edge doesn’t move at all.

eluxsus0195684 says:

This is great for someone returning to 3d design. Love the process from beginning to end.

jamie dean says:

hello, amazing tutorials can’t doubt them what so ever but I’ve got a small question as I’m currently learning at the moment and wondered if I create for say a tank with a high detailed interior is it wise to pile all of this into one UV with a high rez or set up 2 uv’s one for exterior and one for interior. thanks for any advise

Kick Alp says:

I Have a problem, i made uvs for lowpoly and now when i import my model in Substance Painter 2 and try to open high poly it says that high poly mesh doesn’t have uc coordinates? why is that, how do i duplicate uvs to my high poly mesh?


man you are the best

Internal Perception says:

I’m having trouble when at 9:44 when i try to deselect the edges with alt it does not work it only moves my camera any way you could help?

McFlækkeFupz says:

When i drag my picture on to the plane it just makes a thousands small pictures not the big one

roy alexander says:

i was wondering if you could insted of using chamfer and turbo smooth your could use zbrush to get your high poly and all the detail it needs

Atarox says:

Thank you very much for the high-quality content. Question though. What is the advantage of using the symmetry modifier when you know you’re going to delete it, to reuse it, and then delete it again…etc..etc? Could one just work on the one side and only use the symmetry modifier once you’re completely​ done with that specific element? *note this was during the construction of the blade*

Ritunjoy Hazarika says:

thank you so much Tim, Your tutorials helped me to get my Job 🙂 Thanks a lot!!

UnrealTech says:

Hey man first of all nice tutorial! I’am currently on the texturing part but i noticed weard verticie error shadings in unreal 4 i had the normal map pluged with it inside unreal but it looks much cleaner in substance here are pics : and here is pic inside the substance: Do you have idea why it looks like that inside unreal 4 ? I’am pretty sure i have almost 100% same geometry as you in both high and low poly.

Alex Nefedov says:

oh my, this is one the best tutorials ive seen, pls keep it up dude!

Paper Sphere says:

Thanks for the excellent tutorial. Over the years I’ve become so obsessed with avoiding N-Gons and sticking to Quads with the occasional tri for my high-poly meshes, that I’ve never really developed my Boolean skills in Max. It’s extremely refreshing to see AAA quality models produced this way. Much quicker than my current workflow. I noticed that you spent quite a bit of time adding a few support edges to your Boolean holes, if you ever have the time it would be nice to understand the reasoning behind your choices. No doubt a great deal of it comes from experience, but it would be nice if you could demonstrate the logic to your modelling technique as it is extremely fast. Once again thanks for your hard work making these videos.

S3ntinel says:

Please can you somehow show your settings in 3ds max because when i try to make a plane i dont have that green plane like you but empty plane i tried to set green colour . PLS help im new in this program

Nub Nubov says:

can i make it in 3ds 2015?

Lev says:

Holy Shit! I did it

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