Boat Simulation Tutorial in 3DS Max : Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to create a basic boat rig in 3DS Max that simulates realistic motion on rough seas. The rig allows the boat to pitch and roll based on the movement of your ocean plane.

Currently the rig is only set up for pitch, however using the same principle, you can easily add roll to the rig as well.

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Philip A. Olsen says:

Thanks =)

pucky pucky says:

I truely can’t believe that this scene is model, looks like as a real and that is only true in my mind. How long time to spend while during render on the normaly pc, about one year maybe :p

สุมิตา แสงทอง says:


Dev Parmar says:

very very helpful tutorial………….

Валерий Айвазов says:

Wow! It’s great! Thank you!!!

Richard Missin says:

Superb tut, is it difficult to add port and starboard motion to the auto conform rig ? I have 8 circular vessels I need to animate with port and starboard motion too, key framing then individually is a pain in the ass.
I’ve tried many things but they all seem to break the rig, can’t have a second look at constraint and linking the vessel to port and starboard makes no difference it just uses the fore and aft motions.

Akin Yaman says:


Gwen Murray says:

I like your tutorials very much, but I had such a hard time following for a while until I realized you were calling the front/pointy end/BOW the stern and you were calling the back/flat end/STERN the bow. REALLy threw me off!

طارق الشعار says:

it’s so easy and render in lumion you can export any thing to lumion

Bassem ElBanna says:

Bow is the front of the ship which called “Stem” ,but the Aft of the ship called “Stern”.

Валерий Айвазов says:

We are waiting the continuation of the lesson! Splashes and foam using PFlow ! :)))

Orion Diaram says:

I’ve only just found your tutorials with 3ds max, and you know what? They’re amazing! Of course I’ve subscribed. 🙂

Rahul Singh says:

very informative sir, i love it. Keep posting new vids.

Orion Diaram says:

Of course, I got this consistent problem of the ship flipping over.

Bassem ElBanna says:

Tottaly awesome ,but why you didn’t make another two planes at the starboard and port ?of the ship to control the rolling motion either automatically

Marshal Riches says:

how can I get the file that contains the boat!
and can I add ships, boat to civil view-object placement style?

Terry Beveridge says:

great tutorial but front is bow and aft is stern….did they pull a fast one on ya in the navy? thanks for you service sir…and this tut.

Hectacon says:

Is it possible to create the foam from the ship in 3ds max ?

طارق الشعار says:

but this waves amount Crush anything . you can Cancel the trip

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