Complete 3Ds Max Hair Tutorial in 10 minutes

This is my first tutorial, it’s cover hair modelling, how to attach material and animating.

Sorry if it is too fast

And I’m sorry, it’s not really ‘complete’ tutorial, I forgot to iclude how to change the hair color. If you want to know how to do it you can check it out here:

If you want to translate this video 😀 I’ll be very grateful


invalidude says:

PLease answer me, sir, can this be done without V-Ray? Is there any alternative?


how do you matchmove this?
I want to use this as a wig since I just got my hair cut and couldnt upload a looping video in facebook profile.

death angel says:

Nada mal

GameProve says:

Hi,Please How I can make Hair For Game (Lowpoly Hair) in 3ds max

Par Min says:

Hmmm, Love Live Aishiteru Banzai,,, this song makes me look so old.. nice tutorial.. Keren [ situ kayaknya orang Indonesia ? ]

cadvideos says:

hi, firstly sorry for my english, it isn’t my mother tongue. now thanks for the tutorial!!. Well, i´ve tried to do the tutorial by my own. but i´ve got some problems only with dynamics, concretly with the root. the hair dont have any curvature at the beginning so it follows the shape of the head the whole hair, so the roots gets flatten without curvature. Is there anybody who knows how to fix this problem?.Thanks for advance.

Squish doodles says:

Whats the song

Squashy :3 says:

You re a pro

Joesullygs says:

do you have facial rigg, ?

Ouija Tears says:

How do you attach the hair to the head?

Dina Love says:

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. How did you import the face and initial the circle that later became the hair? I couldn’t really see what you were clicking on…sorry…

Ahya D'Fox says:

Really good tuto!!! Congrats keep up the good job. Don’t worry about your english, itis understandable.

ToleroCH says:

Cool….have to try out ….

Hacene Bernou says:


Kypazarum says:

Great tutorial dude! Helped me a lot, but when it’s finished how do you attach the hair to a human character?

AndrésGV says:

2:50 How you convert thee editable poly in editable spline?

hiren jadhav says:

Nice Tutorial. I am grateful.

Guy Keren says:

thank you!!!! it’s an excellent tutorial!!!!!

Ashutosh Dixit says:


Brian Fordhamm says:

Not for rookies I may say. Not so easy.

Ana Avalos says:

It’s looks nice.
Do you know if it works with womething made in Zbrush? or have some tutorial to make realistic hair in zbrush?
Thanks 😉


beautiful work but is the hair colliding with the face

Erika Koomatsu says:

hello, i’m new in this field.. so i’m curious, if i use mental ray (since i don’t have v-ray right now) can i get the same result? and i don’t know the setting too in mental ray so.. i appreciate it if you can make a tutorial to make hair like this in mental ray.. 🙂 great tutorial, help me alot.. Thank you and sorry for my bad english :”


too fast i cant follow this :’) even i pause or low speed i still missing the step..

Aarón Vasco says:

Where i can find hair and fur modifier?

00MadWhiteRabbit00 says:

What configurations you used on the Vray hair material?
I can’t get the same look of yours…

Phong Do says:

Oh wow this is great man

Francis Onuzulike says:

Thank you the tutorial was really helpful, but Please I didn’t get the way you linked the hair to the head, please take that part again slowly. thanks a lot.

Battle Animations says:

Thank you for the tutorial! I missed the place where you combined those 2 sets of splines into a single Hair&Fur modifier… it looks like you didn’t. So if I will have say 4-5 objects will I have to add 5 Hair&Fur modifiers and work with its parameters separately or is there any way to make it in a single operation?

Roger Luckett says:

Will this hair work when imported to ue4? Thanks

Muhammad Ibrahim says:

very nice

Jaimie Self says:

Nice, thanks

Dev_J says:

Great tutorial, even though I had to guess a few things its better than others who just assume you know how to do things. Thanks Man.

lmjuniper says:

wow, that animated hair flow looks amazing. well done!

Leticia Braz Xavier says:

Hello, nice job!
I’ve one question: When u attach the splines, u attached to an object? Cause mine didn’t show the white box.
Pls Help me!

muhsin pm says:

hi, while using hair and fur modifier, when rendering the hair tip in output image is seemed clipping. i cant get pointed tip. every hair tip is clipped and seem like hollow cylinder. please help me.

Ashutosh Dixit says:


1848 says:


Triple Man says:

Как экспортировать эти волосы в формате obj?/
How to export this hair in obj format?

GreekBoi Ω says:

Thanks mate!

New Fighter says:

I don’t know how to make the hair move.

Piamelo says:

Thanks you verry must!

Krutika's World says:

thanks god bless

వాడుకరి పేరు says:

What song did you use for the video?

Dror says:

Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Vsevolod Vityaz says:

Nice and easy. Thx.

Laura Joe says:

does this hair fits for games?

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