Creating a Sofa – 3ds Max Tutorial for Beginners

3ds max tutorial. Learn how to model a sofa quick and easy, using simple techniques
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Adeniran Tolulope says:

I love this tutorial and find it helpful.. Keep up the good work


this video is tooo helpfull

Muhammad Rafik Bakhtshiren says:

YOU SAY this is for beginners, on this video tuto. there is no mouse cursor, you made it without voice & keyboard legend.. I’m stuck… please improve your tutorial.. I’m appreciate your works,…

surajit pati says:

thank u

꾸까꾸 says:

no redndring ?? i want to know rendering process….

Atticus Maytrap says:

ran into a problem at 1:57 – “stop the simulation when…..” – quite simply, i cant stop it. For some reason it just keeps running and running and running no matter what i press. And when i try crtl+Z to go back, it changes the gravity setting from zero back to -980, and then cushion then flies off into space, with the simulation still running no less. This fucking program…..

Ukik says:

Thank you! 🙂

Archmeister94 says:

Why is it hard do add voice commentary? Well I’ll give you credit for adding captions at least.

bluetorch13 says:


Eleonora Gueli says:

Thanks for posting. This is a little bit harder for beginners but I understand better just slowing the video ^^

AMLH says:

this really helpful, thanks!

sandy anwar says:

no voice … why ?

KingdomOfFandoms says:

This program is pure cancer. If that’s what “for beginners” looks like then I don’t wanna imagine the pro level.

Andarmuda Harahap says:

best tut ever! fast and simple

dandey says:

i used to do my furnitures from scratch instead of downloading it for school and my friends think im insane but really its just stacking blocks to make it look like something lol. i love this tutorial!

Adeniran Tolulope says:

I will love to learn more

Hunter Jakobsen says:

how do i turn off the gravity ?? every time i simulate it its just falls out of said viewport

Ronn Aycocho says:

please can you make a tutorial on how to render that sofa I really interested!

Muhammad Rafik Bakhtshiren says:

this tutorial is very hard.. you say this is for beginner…. with no voice, no on screen cursor..

azra ahmed says:

love this tutorial.. very easy way to make sofa.. but if u put material than it look more more beautiful, anyways thx

Asmita Dutta says:

amazing ….thanxx

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