Exterior modeling in 3ds max- Part 1

This is a beginners/intermediate tutorial in 3ds max that takes you step by step of modeling an Exterior of a house
Here are the files I used in the tutorial for referance:

This Tutorial was created by 4th dimension


Mostafa kamal says:


Blender Buzz says:

As someone who does tutorials for a living, I know all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Thanks for making thise video. Over 400,000 people appreciate your effort.

Dy Chansarivuth says:

I can’t upload the file, Can you help me out?

Pedro Florene Esplago says:

Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aishwarya Srinagesh says:

is the plan available for the download?

Yusuf Prasetyo W. says:

what is better, using line first to draw the wall or using wall on AEC extended bar? and what is the differences?


First I would like to appreciate your good work and most practical and useful video on U TUBE its help me lot thank you very much .

@funny movie Moments says:

i cant find the files in the link available bellow,,, can someone help me please


thanks a million

FASIL RM says:

model it by sketchup, too much faster than 3ds max

Alan joy says:

thank you for the tutorial

dude … I like that ” vizualization” part..! 🙂

Samiksha Gupta says:

Hi, I just came across this amazing tutorial I want to try this out, but sadly I am unable to get the files which you have used in this tutorial for reference. Could you please update the link and share?

Ali Monazzamipour says:

perfect man

Ruan Neves says:

I bought a 3DS Max course about a month ago, if I had found your videos sooner I wouldn’t even have bothered… Awesome tutorial! Keep it up!

nallabeli pavan says:

how to creative windows and doors please tutorial please in this project ?

Aleksandr Rudov says:

On 33:30 don’t need switching between vertex and edge. just hold CTRL and press BACKSPACE, or hold CTRl and pick on REMOVE button

Ancuta Ionescu says:

pleas give me the dwg file for practice. I can’t download from the link

you tube says:

hello how to use line with hand or pan tool .. when i used line break

Abid Khan says:

the file aint downloading, can you upload a fresh copy of it

akhil J says:

how can i download that tutorial file ,
i can’t download thal zip fle ,,,please help me

MrArchitecture972 says:

מצויין! תודה.

Husna Alaa says:

First of all I’d like to say that your tutorials have been a great help for me for the last couple of months. They helped me develop so much when i was nothing but a beginner in 3ds MAX. I have one question that’s been bothering me for months now, when I drag the editable poly (like you did at 8:52) sometimes it doesn’t drag lines from each vertex and sometimes it does. I can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s happening, I’d be so grateful if you can provide an answer for my question

Milan Tique says:

Just a tip which you can take if ya like. Use the other view ports. Separate the top front etc views of the plans and put them in the top front etc view ports. That’s just me tho

Rhit Bhattacharya says:

hello Sir! How are you panning the viewport without breaking the line?

Kartik Verma says:

from where to download windows and doors for max

Kb says:

When my snap toggle is on way i am not able to move the object to X or Y axis?in my pivot both X and Y is activate because of this i am not able to move to one direction.

How to fix this?

Rajvi Sanghani says:


Adam Kuklinski says:

is it possible to set the height of the slices manually opposed to creating boxes to get their height? i know this can be done in C4D, it is much faster.

최상원 says:

thank you

Sonni Sondang says:

A very good tutorial, thank you so much!

nallabeli pavan says:

i have some more auto cad DWG files in front, left, right ,back side views (websites) please help me.

Yaman Songür says:

Amazing Tutorial … Awesome benefical….

waqas sial says:

i can’t download file, it shows HTTP error :/


please how to zoom a specific area while drawing the line?!

nallabeli pavan says:

nice and work please tell me how to design 2d plane in autocad tutorial

Mithun sarker says:

 How to get AutoCAD files?I have registered in megafileupload.But no confirmation message is sent to my mail.As a result,I could not access in megafileupload and download autocad file.Please help me to download it or sent cad file in my mail: mithun_sarker7@yahoo.com.Thank you very much such a awasome tutorial.

Saman Najm says:

Hi, thank you for sharing your skills here, I am wondering if you making anything out of the effort you have put in this work from YouTube views?, is it worth it to try it?, thanks.

Kateryna Stepanova says:

Russian accent ^^

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