Grenade Tutorial – Part 1 – Modeling & UV Unwrapping – 3Ds Max 2016

Part 1 in which we cover scene setup, low and highpoly modeling, unwrapping and exporting the files over to substance painter for the baking part. Expand for more info.

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Software Requirements:
– 3Ds Max 2015 or 2016
(older versions can use the third party “quadchamfer modifier” as a replacement to Autodesk’s “chamfer” modifier which we need)

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Bee Clair says:

Oh you didn’t cover the setting to creating the .fbx 😐 I wanted to know if you enable the turbo smooth or the smooth groups :

OrkBoy says:

So are ngons okay in the high-poly?

Micri says:

Definitely subbed. Well done. You explain every process in detail. Hard to find on youtube. Especially for Max 🙂

Jose Pezo says:

Very well explained tutorial. Thanks for your time to do it. Fun project!

ComboKing says:

There is no chamfer modifier in my student version of 3ds max.

roy alexander says:

how are you deciding where to use quads and where to use tris?

Diogo Carvalho says:

Dont all models need to have 4 sided polys?

Cliff burton says:

unwrapping is so complicated :s

Raul M says:

Best fucking teacher.

Tomos Halsey says:

I’m kind of surprised you modeled it first then arrayed instead of using an instance array first and then modeling one thing live.

Kevin Vingéus says:

You are amazing! Due to the fact that we in school are stronly directed to using Autodesk Maya for modelling but i’ve been a 3Ds user since back in 2009 this tutorial both shed light over areas of modeling and the program that I had no clue about.

I wanna thank you for making this video and the other content on your channel as it, in all honesty, does lead a direct pathway towards being a better modeller in 3D as well as managing textures and the planning of the meshes.

I did not manage to follow the tutorial fully, but made this grenade sideby your proffessional guide, skipping ahead in some parts of part 2 once you covered the basics of using substance painter.

This was my result;

And it was all thanks to you! ^-^
Once again, thank you!

Montagne says:

If only I could buy this damn program. $185 a month, $1470 a year, $2795 every 2 years, or $3970 every 3 years. Jesus fuck.

roy alexander says:

you insanly talented i wanna buy you tutorials just because you deserve it but then again im broke AF so……

roy alexander says:

did you do the high poly first of the low poly im so confused about the work flow that you did

Endy Keksik says:

Hi, thanks to leaning 😉 I would like ask u one question..I noticed that u don´t care about quads..u are using lot of ngons and triangles in your model..Till this time i thought that´s important, but after watching your tut I´m not sure, if is it so important..can u explain me, why u don ´t care about quads? Thanks a lot!

The Квайп says:


VerteX™ says:

yo i cant place image to plane ?

Michael Randicha says:

Hey, i’m following your tutorial step by step, but the result of my array is not as good as yours
Any idea how to fix this?

Milan says:

It appears I have a squashed grenade

Amed Bahgat says:

i just wanna say thank you for everything you did, really appreciate someone so devoted to quality and details 😉


wow !Thaaaaanks !

MaximumCHROM3 says:

Holy shit, you work at ubisoft

Orin Amedli says:

hi, there are still some distortions on grenade body 1:08:54 – look at between extruded body faces, i would like to know, can it cause serious problems in texturing?

Damon Salvator says:

I have massive problems beginning from 8:30

i have deformations, when i extrude the top once to zero and then drag it to the right over lappings everywhere.
i am disappointed 🙁

brazwen says:

23:04. I can’t get the interactive chamfer to work like yours. 🙁 It just locks itself to the nearest vertices.

〉 Dursy ARTS 〈 YT Kacke! says:

this is too fast for me, i dont get anything from your tutorial..

c widd says:

High poly 36:16
Ring kink 38:15
Slice tool 39:00
UV unwrapping 49:11
Smoothing groups from UV shells 1:16:14
Renaming 1:25:09

Igor Piwoński says:

UVW unwrapping works completly diffrent in my case, when he gets straight line of UV’s, what i’m getting looks like funky abstract art

Alex Kukushkin says:

i am trying to follow the tutorial but whenever i bevel the faces move down instead of out, how can i make them behave like at 4.40

Riddain says:

This is a fantastic tutorial! I’ve definitely learned some useful tips and tricks in here. However, I am completely stuck at 1:08:50 where you “jump” out of the UV editor briefly to weld verts on the spoon…

One-developer says:

11:53 HOW HE DID IT? PLEASE HELP ME (trying this about 2hours)

Rock TheElement says:

lol this video is one and a half hour long and I’m already STUCK at the first minute mark. Just can’t find the way to drag the image on my plane. I tried everything. I have 3ds Max 2017 which I downloaded from the Autodesk’s site with student licence, how come that I can’t use that option?

Apurva Pai says:

reference images pls

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