[Important Technique] 3DS Max – Hard Surface Displacement Projection

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In this video I will show you how to bake and project hard surface details in 3D Studio Max.


irregula says:


Andrey Denisov says:

very very flexible sistem!

Bear Wolf says:

I don’t even think you know how much of a guidance you have been mate. Forever grateful for the plethora of information contained within these tutes.

Surendiren Parthasarathy says:

Could u please make a tutorial of tupperware eco bottle

khadim seck says:

You’re the best Arrimus!

Eugen Molchanyuck says:

Nice technique!

Toby Lee says:

Good stuff as always mate!

Дмитрий Колосков says:

Thank you, Arrimus, for video, but can somebody explain how to use it with Vray? After projection just red screen texture…..Thank you.

AreSeaKay says:

It’s also helpful to change min height in projection options to 0.

Renan says:

Thank you!!!

Marcelo Baglione says:

THANKS A LOT, Arrimus! Congratulations. Gracias, from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Rio.

Rombout Versluijs says:

Weird that they dont name maps. How are you able to find any thing in bigs scenes? Thats like map 1 > 1000 or more???

Rob Murray says:

Thank you!!!

Long Tran says:

I know the current view count is not as high as a few years ago, but your video is still as good as the first days :D.
Thank you, Arrimus!

Андрей Семёнов says:

This is really cool!

Andrey Denisov says:

fantastic functions! very laborious but flexible

TruthPeaceLove says:

No. Thank YOU for making this for us and take care! Arrimus, you’re one of only three people who I’m supporting through Patreon.

Hrlmut Kunze says:

Hey Arrimus,
You re my no. 1 source for
3ds max Tutorials.
Keep up the good work 🙂
Greetings from Germany

Manish Kumar says:

Thank you sir

Rodrigo Butron says:

Amazing tutorial, thank you very much. I learned a lot with the tutorials you do. Thank you so much!

behnam vahdati says:

you are such a kind person for making these tutorials! Godspeed son!

Nikita says:

God like Arrimus.

Claudio Cammarota says:

thank u so much! ur tutorials are so precious! <3

H Schnabel says:

Could somebody please explain how to snap to something that isn’t along the regular pivot? Round 1:35 he straightens the control loops on the pyramid and it’s a diagonal move – I use a tool for that but it looks as if he doesn’t. Is there a native 3ds way to do it? Thx in advance

Tapan Joshi says:

Thanks! love your videos.

TutoRKit3D says:


AreSeaKay says:

How are you rendering VRaydisplacement with default scanline renderer?

Glenn Booth says:

Fantastic as always. One thing though – you used loads and loads of modifier layers..if I use multiple modifiers and go back and forth between them, I end up having some crazy errors eventually or weird mesh glitches after a while…any ideas why?


Nice video, but when you disable de “cage” parameter, where do you use the 6.7 value? in the projection modifier? i dint understand where i can control de ray cast tolerance

Conrad Van Rhyn says:

Use Substance painter

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