MassFX 3ds Max tutorial

Learn to create dynamic physics based animations using MassFX and 3ds max


Dog Rox says:

Kewll!!!! 🙂

1800JCful says:

So how can I get an object to bounce off of another?

Marko Miladinovic says:

Hello, Thanks for the tutorial.I have a little problem. When box hits the walls some bricks remain in place, don’t fall off (I checked ‘start in sleep mode’ checkbox. Do you have any clue how to fix this?

KLIMUK says:


Hari Suwarno says:

searching for how to do start on sleep mode, found it here.. cool bro !

Karvák Ferenc says:

9/11 animation tutorial

박호진 says:

massFX bull shit
Even if I change all the settings, it does not move.
i’m going crazy
Do you know why this is happening?
i’m using 2014

David AE Levy says:

I’m having an issue where A grouped mesh group, MassFX is using the dummy node for the group as the collision shape instead of the collective total shape of all the meshes as the collision shape… how do I fix this? thank you

David Webb says:

Wow! A true tutorial that is nicely done. Kudos to you. I’ve watched a couple of Mass FX lessons on youtube but nothing as comprehensive as yours. Well explained. You even explained the basic dynamic laws of physics such as Kinetic, Static and Dynamic bodies. Well done indeed. Please, do more tutorial on 3ds Max. The way you explained the steps gave me confidence in learning the software. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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