Mech robot modeling 3ds max tutorial part – 1


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Swarley! says:

Why all the edge loops if you’re not going to turbo smooth it?

Mrbravo048 says:

We seriously need somebody to narrate so we don’t get bored…?

Mr. Hymn says:

I know what you are doing each step without your voice but please next time adding some good music to your lovely video.

Shashank Subramaniam says:

excellent tutorial .. even without voice over .. I have learnt a lot from your video .. I’m kinda new to this field .. one question if I model this watching your tutorial .. can I use it in my reel???

Dario Pinto says:

Use camtasia do recorder, there’s an option that shows the keys that you are pressing.

Gaming4 Detail says:

I really like this video it’s easy to follow but for some odd reason at 20.55 I can not, like what so ever SYMMETRY the f*cking leg so I have it the same on the other side can I please get a response as to how you done it I have tried Y axis X and Z when I do the Z axis like what I am supposed to do it flips a whole new leg under the floor. HELP someone anyone.!!!

eluxsus0195684 says:

So is this all one piece, or separate pieces?

VerticalGames says:


Mohamed Hamim says:

Thanks , great tutorial 🙂

Dawn Marie says:

i need a voice over..cant tell what you’re doing

bevelee says:

Which shortcut did u use on 1:06:50?
i can only “target weld” vertex by vertex for this step 🙁

(sorry, i dont speak english very well :D)

Surya Prov says:

when the next part release sir ???

okami hirazawa says:

bro, how long u finished this project ??

kiran kudpane says:

can u show us ur used reference to model this

o0billie0o says:

Thanks , great tutoria.. just finish de model and added some more weapons, =D, well nice chanell, and hope son have  sound, tnx!

BEN YART says:

awesome results, bro, is there any special resons for using inset instead of swift loop? And why you do that vertex around the “true” vertex between you creating the object, is like you preparing it for the turbo smooth? thanks!!

Mertcan Demir says:


Nitin kumar singh says:

I want mech robot blue print what should i type on google ?

Gamete Games says:

can u please upload a video for texturing this model i have made this model but i need help in texturing please help

saha2485 says:

plz share transformers modeling tutorials

Diaper Rash says:

Probably a good vid – but im not a deaf mute and therefore miss the volume- 2015 and this douchebag has no microphone? Go back to Bedrock Fred.

Sherif Ahmed ali says:

my next project i guess love your vedios and waiting for more … but i wish there was a photo for the final result at least w side view for that robot to know what part iam and it will help alot to understand the modeling steps specialy for beginners like me

murilo batista de oliveira says:


145 MC says:

非常棒 good

Frédérik Barbeau says:

I don’t understand, how did you move the edge at 1:44

Rodolfo Kimura says:

at 1:02:21, what does he do?

cathan evans says:

+ Photo Bots how many polys is this??

jak hamdivikia says:

part 2 ?

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