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Skill up with ChamferZone’s latest 15 hour mega course for 3D Artists. Adapt efficient and industry proven workflow techniques as we create a AAA battle mech!



I would love to see a vehicle tutorial in the future. I am sure that this tutorial covers a lot of the same techniques, however, I am sure there are some tips and trick you could share! Also it is great that this tutorial is available on Steam. I will grab it soon!

badri yacine says:


yoeri b says:

got this line up to buy when I get my next pay check, super hyped for. I’m at the point where I could just make this on my own but it would take me more like 30-40 hours, so it’s gonna be really interesting to see how I can improve my workflow and what techniques I maybe overlooked or neglected.

JoaoGames PT says:

Hello do you work for other people?

Gamers Never Stop says:

Sir tim do u know quixel suite… I like to see some more tutorials from u … U r just a amazing sir.. + no cut outs from video… Thats make ur videos outstanding.. also apologizing for asking. .. i know u r busy in ur work……and it’s take time

MexicanBurrito says:

This is amazing! Do you have any plans to do something similar with Maya?

[BPS] Black Panther Studio says:

Hey its me again 😀 i think i am not the only one who struggle following your tutorial when its 5th video with smoothing groups on main body part as even i did all as you i am getting different result sometimes edges are rounded instead of get nicely smoothed as you did, could you possibly make some extra video about that ?

Zinogg says:

what your PC specs?

Jezal dan Luthar says:

Superb quality tutorials, i learned the basics under a week just from following your videos.

Zonix says:

Dude, this looks amazing!
Are you making another tutorial? If so then can it be on military vehicles such as helicopters, jets or tanks? It doesn’t have to be that it’s just a suggestion lol

윤형민 says:

really awesome!

Rahul Yadav says:

I don’t know if you do character modelling or not but if you do then you should make a character modelling tutorial, like modelling in 3ds max, sculpting in zbrush, cloth modelling in marvelous designer, and substance for Texturing etc. It’ll be really helpful for so many people cause your tutorials are AWESOME, you do it better than anyone. Please please please, people need you. AND it will sell,definitely.

Mcree Mei says:

max 2019 now , its outdated?

The_WASD_Gamer says:

Just purchased the tutorial. I’m a Blender user who wants to switch over to 3DS Max, so i am a 3DS Max beginner will i still be able to get the most out of this course?

K1TT3N says:

Do you think I would be able to follow it using blender?

Megan Tsang says:

这套教程在翼狐网有正版可以看哦,还有中文翻译呢,并且提供讲师答疑售后服务哦,传送门(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

Pumping Noise says:

Cool! You are the best!

XTheDentist says:

Hi its me again, I had a chance to buy this & went thru it, learned a lot man thanks for everything. I have a question though, during the texturing phase where you add in some more detail using the normals that come with substance and just stamping them into place where you want well my question is do you know of a way to create these on our own? Like if I model some of these in Max how do I convert them properly so that I can add them to the custom textures list?

ConTii! says:

I think I’m the only person that likes UV Unwrapping 🙁

Barker Games says:

Someone just stole the domain of your website….

K1TT3N says:

How do you know when to use white mask and when to use a black mask in substance painter? And how does the order in hierarchy affect the actual material?

Dathan Felipe says:

How difficult would it be to follow along using Maya with this course?

badri yacine says:

I realy wish that i had money for this course.
Thank you for inspiring us.good work….amazing

여행가방 says:

team! Are you willing to create a Weapon material tutorial using the substance?

The Matrix says:

Good tutorial how open new aspects of high quality modeling .

Gamers Never Stop says:

Plzz vehicle course…. if u r going to make .plxx make it

Manoj Kumar says:

Are u going to make any newcourse

Theodore Zheng says:

i love you!!hahah

Bionaut says:

Song Name? Pls 🙂

Phong Do says:

Is it normal when my laptop took more than an hour to bake AO and thickness maps? And I have a pretty decent laptop (GTT2VR 6RE dominator pro MSI with GTX 1070)

[BPS] Black Panther Studio says:

ok i have a question you turned off that selection highlight at the very begining but your planes still shows up even with backface culling … how ? i mean that white frame border lines

Tharindu Boteju says:

Sir i need your help. i have trouble of baking normal map. this is really urgent .please.

Best Movie Actors says:

Irayo si

Nicolai Zafra says:

Your tutorials are extremely helpful, I can’t wait to see your next videos. Keep it up Tim! you’re one of the best!

Fubz says:

is “highy” a mistype there at 0:36 ?

RAYZON says:

Please do m4 carbine & kar98k

Gamers Never Stop says:

Will there any new tutorial come or not…… I m eagerly waiting for ur new course

Nai Plai says:

why this guy dont do the tutorial in MAYA ?

alejandro mendoza says:

I would like to purchase this but I only have access to 3ds Max 2011. Will I be able to follow along or do I need current version of max? Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Milan says:

Looks good!
If I may ask, would you consider yourself a developer? if so, do developers, in particular game developers need to know how to code a lot? or just minimum amounts?


LifeofMayaNurbs says:

I want toolbag so bad… lol great renders saves a lot of time in PS


Can you make a tutorial on how to make FT 17 tank or mark IV plz

Fernando Diaz says:

ONLY I CAN SAY, amaaaazing!
I finish this hard course and a learn a lot.
A dont know modeling, and texturing but with this course a learn a lot of techniques.
Thank you CHAMFER!!!!
Only i can recommend it!
Buy it from Steam.

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