Modeling Ak 47 3ds max tutorial part – 1

Low poly AK 47 modeling

reference image :


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ans - bob says:


whutha says:

Man its 2015 and YOU DON”T have NO SOUND!!!!!!!!!!

Ravjit Mudhar says:

Hey, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial of modelling an old 1940s kind of car, because of all the curves and stuff it has I find its a little bit more difficult then modelling a regular car, just a suggestion of course, It’d be awesome if you could do that btw! I’ve modelled one before and it was okay and I’d like to see how you’d go about it!

The penguin Gamer 100 says:

what is the realistic mode ?? like i dont see it ! please help ! i just want it to be exact as yours !

Ronaldo vieira says:

you are the best channel 3dsmax.

you will teach Quixel suite or substance painter?

LowB says:

2:00Dude i cant extrude the gun barel for some resons dont have those lines to extrud from i need some help

Ramster Games says:


Vincent Valentine says:

it drives me insane when I see someone working so much more efficient than I am. Your modeling just makes way more sense than mine does and looks better. Thanks for the videos!!

Amanda says:


Gameerz says:

ty bro! so nice tutorial, next time do it with voice and i be so grateful

ans - bob says:

I’m sure of this channel will be most popular among 3d designers

x Eleking says:

Thank you.:) It”s a very nice tutorial;)

JustAnotherYoutuber says:

Honestly, Inventor is a much easier software to use.

EnkiTM says:

I have a problem here, somewhere at 10:00 you are making that ”bridge” to connect those two pieces together. Now my issue is that i have two layer, instead of one like you. My upper part is one layer and the bottom one i another one and I seem like i cant make that bridge. Is it a way to merge those two layers together into one? BTW I have tried to select both layers and then tried to connect them like that but it doesn’t make the bridge nor connect at all… Help would be appreciated! Thx!

沈力瑜 says:

In two minutes, when what happened? why u can make a circle?


i need to know what happens 5:31 cylinder 1 disapper

Anick says:

I need to know what happens at 2:00

tom darling says:

dude i love your videos, you deliver good info without even talking, but please add SOME sound! :p keep up the good work man! 🙂

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