Modeling low poly Lamborghini 3DS Max beginner tutorial part – 1

Modeling low poly Lamborghini 3DS Max beginner tutorial
Blueprint setup not included

Note: Be careful with the blueprints. You may face error. .

Blueprint -

Only body guys !

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Ghadeer Yousef says:

Please I want the car image 🙂

Gui Ramos says:

This is amazing, thanks for the video, and please post part2 fast hahaha

Kelby Martinek says:

how did you set up the pictures in 3ds max??

jose andrade says:

why do people put videos and don’t talk……really unprofessional.

Earn bitcoin says:

model please

ANAS says:

thanks for video

SmightonHD says:

not a tutorial, a speed modelling instead..

Cell - Noob Gamers says:

You do some awesome tutorials, I can’t really follow along though without any audio xD

Simple Hacker says:

Nice tutorial, it will be fine to see how to setup blueprints i want to make this tutorial from begin to the end this is very best tutorial.

martinflashgordon says:

Thanks fot the tutorial

Steaplay says:


Chuck Backus says:

I am a beginer. I downloaded video (MP4) at 720 p. Then I run it in Win Media Player and use PAUSE to stop the ‘action’ so I can TAKE NOTES, catch his menu browsing, mouse moves, and which icon he presses. I am sure he does some key presses but I would have to read up for those. Since there is a lot of repetition I am sure one can (in short time) ‘catch on’.

Dom says:

I am trying to better my edge flow for wireframe renders.. I am wondering, if I am suppose to be using snap to a grid in ortho view when I extrude ? but when I do this quad draw doesn’t seem to want to stick to the grid and it like 20 feet away.

Yogesh says:

Please tell me what u done at 20:30 to 20:45 second…. its cut the projected part? or hide that part or any thing else… please reply bro

Ahmad Saadeldin says:

thanks a lot

khoá mõm Con chó lực says:

Please tell me what happened at 20:30? i don’t understand, I need press a key combo. Thank you very much.

Oğuz Ateş says:

How do you take pictures of vehicle program

Sidowse says:

+Photo Bots Don’t use the view cube. Alt+middle-mouse-button. Choose “Orbit selected” from the icon on the bottom, second in from the right and then escape out of it. This way you don’t waste time trundling the mouse half way across the screen. t = top, l = left, f= front, b=bottom. v= view…

julien soret says:

finish first part goodvideo , just one thing ; take speed video 1.5 besause is little long ^^

TechLife says:

great tutorial buddy. i was wondering how did you add vertex to it ?

Yash Makwana says:

where do i get that 3 view picture of the car…on which you work??

ArZone Sunar says:

hello, i am just strating to model and havent yet started modeling cars.. so i’d like to know if there are any kind of blueprints for beginner? i mean.. im just starting to model and shouldnt start with tough one.. please help!

blink 7821 says:

20.27 what keys used?

Alexandra Vasilieva says:

What happened at 20:30? i don’t understand. could anybody explain to me?

Nude TV says:

are you using max 2013 and 2014 You WHICH

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