Modeling wooden house 3ds max tutorial part – 1


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jak hamdivikia says:

hay i wont this hdri please

zoheb shaikh says:

Thanks learned a lot…….watching this space for 2nd Part…..!!!!!!!

Mohamed Hamim says:

Thanks bro

mrroozbehm1985 says:

Not that I am complaining at all, but will you ever start audio recording and have sound in your videos? Again, I am totally fine with how you make your videos, they are all fantastic. just curious


you should speak & Explain what you are doing in your video so that we understand WHY you are doing it!!

George Hatoutsidis says:

good tutorial i watched all the only problem is no sound

Kristian Severens says:

Quick question: I have been modelling a medieval house in 3ds max to use in Unreal 4. I basicly made it out of different pieces (e.g. a wall piece, wall piece with door, wall piece with window etc.) This way i will be able to create an whole village without having to model each house seperatly. However when I do this, my textures do not align even though i am using a seamless texture and all my walls are of equal size. They also do not allign within Unreal 4 and even vertex snap doesn’t work properly for some reason. I made it so that I would Attach allll loose wall piece into 1 object, however within Unreal 4 it still reads it as seperate pieces (All wall pieces are clones if that matters). Any idea on how to solve this or do you know a better approach to game modelling?

TheSlateDesigns says:

I love your work. Any chance you could put some ‘final images’ up on a portfolio or at the end of the videos? I’d love to see them rendered out 😀

rain Dev says:

no sound??

Ravjit Mudhar says:

Your tutorials are really helpful! Thanks!

[BPS] Black Panther Studio says:

tutorial…. wouldnt call it this way… more like showcase.

stop619 says:

So you’re the guy that uses the View Cube! 😉 Great video, subscribed!

MQ PZ says:

Modelling? Nope. Just sack boxes

The9PointStar says:

Daaamn just what i was looking for! Thaks a lot!

Fajar Arief Saputra says:

hey guys, can you show me ..
how to make some house design with modern minilais vintage style?

一大 says:

version is 3ds max 2016 ?

Якось Нащо says:

I have a question. When you use swift loop(somewhere in the middle of the video) it is a loop) but when I am trying to do it it lets me place only one edge instead of the whole loop of edges. Please help

Reshu khan says:

Hi… Where is 2nd part of this video… ? Plzzz show me….

Ronaldo vieira says:

excellent too good , I do not see the of textures

T0YB0X says:

Oh boy, I LOVE silent tutorials!

rain Dev says:

wow it’s cool

황태환 says:

Thank you !! this video helped me a lot. 😀

TerminvsEst says:

Hello there. I am trying to model your house and I am at the beginning. There is something that doesnt quite make sense to me. Why are the first and second boxes roughly the same width yet they have very different measurements for their widths? The first box’s width measurement is 204.323 and the second box’s(the green one in front of the first one) width measurement is 410.096. Yet they appear to be the almost exactly same width as shown in the viewport. Why is this?

Kigris says:

This is awesome dude! Keep it up!

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