mParticle – 3DS Max 2014 Tutorial. Level: advanced (creating flying paper)

Tutorial on a few fun features of mParticle. We will talk about particle skinning, particle glue, and a few other features that we will use to recreate a tutorial from the people who originally made toolbox #2 which is the system that eventually became mParticles along with box#3.

This is an advanced tutorial that will only work in Max 2014.

Here is the Music Video


KilleroyCZ says:

Hey! This is an amazing feature and great tutorial explaining it, but I wonder how to make several papers…
I wanted to make papers flying in a spirale around an object, a fantasy kinda thing :p

Thanks alot bro!

Marc Hankel says:

from time to time I’m coming back to this fantastic tutorial! Awesome! Thank you!

Mauricio Stapich says:

hello, because I do not appear mParticle flow? i have only  PReset flow, empty flow, standard flow and One click Flow.. help me

Akin Yaman says:

thanx a lot thats realy pro release

Stock Footage says:

Can you do tutorial on mflow tree trunk for destruction

KevinHarper3DArtist says:

Yea I have been getting a few requests for it but have not found time to do so. It will take at least 2 days. To make, unless I just kind of skim over it but its a little deep. I will see when I find time to do so then post it on my website.

seppe clijsters says:

Whenever I select the edges and add garment maker, my paper becomes invisible… Pls help!

Roohi Setia says:

nice tutorial.. how you make multiple papers flying ?
kindly help

Marko Milasinovic says:

Great stuff man.. any chance to post script .. Particle setup is very dynamic and flexible.. love it..

Hugo Rosado says:

I enjoy the video but I thought that the point was to see the particle system fire these paper sheets. for me that should be the advance stuff.
You have many ways to animate paper this is a good one no doubt, but without seeing the PF generating the paper sheet is a bit disappointing,
Is there any tut that explain that bit?


KevinHarper3DArtist says:


Maciej Frydrych says:

Great tutorial Kevin. I think it is very valuable knowledge how to make copy of that rig by scripting. I serch internet but nowhere find solution. It would be first exaple how to do. I am the first who will BUY tutorial 🙂

Li Wei says:

Hi Kevin, what is the name of the MV in this tutorial, thanks:)

KevinHarper3DArtist says:

No not directly. This is why I had to create the script to do it. Sorry. If I find the time, I will share the script and explain it, but I have been pretty swamped.

Musa Nadim says:

pllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz people why no one makes a motion graphics tutorials with 3d max,,,
kevin i love ur channel so much wannaaaa say thanks,plz make a motion graphic tutorial

Mad Max says:

…you wasted my time so well, so I need to give a thumb up! Thanx indeed! =)

VoxelizE says:

love it, thank you

Business Development (TMC) says:

great tut thanx

Patrick Gavin says:

Hey Kevin, I have created 2 particle systems. 1 rigged as per the tutorial and a 2nd simple system with a speed by surface. I can’t figure out how to glue my paper rig to the second particle system, any ideas?

seppe clijsters says:

If I add multiple forces, how can I make sure the force doesn’t influence the other excisting forces?

KLIMUK says:

hey Kevin, when I set the wind (all settings like yours) and started play, particles just running in place and it all. I’m confused, what it may indicate what the problem is?

Huzaini Sahmawi says:

thanks mate. love it. 

Patrick Gavin says:

Have a single particle located at the center of the paper. Can’t get one to glue to the other. Not sure where to put the 2nd glue that sticks the paper to the driver, in the first event or in the 2nd event? and do I wire them together or do I select the glue and Bind with other event particles? …struggling

seppe clijsters says:

Thanks a lot ! How do I render this without seeing the collision pilar?

IncidentalTrees says:

Great info in this tutorial thanks. I’ve been trying to work out – Is there no way to simply choose one particle set up to become the particles for a different system? Or this only accessible with scripting?

ie. You create for the paper called ‘Spaper’
Then you create a new particle system with the particle instancing the ‘Spaper’

jonnypanteloni says:

Never managed to figure out automated paper generation. That’s something I’ll work on today. Good work Kevin, you made me buy the MV and also another one of their tracks.

Jesus Felix says:

gracias Kevin!!!!! saludos desde México!

KevinHarper3DArtist says:

You are welcome.

3D Tutorials and News says:

nice tutorials, very good!!!

KLIMUK says:

tanx for answer Kevin! after I installed service pack problem disappeared, now all works fine.

Jimbobuk10 says:

Excellent tut very well explained Sir!

MaRvElllOuSguys says:

how to make a lot of papers like you in your video, im beginner in 3ds max

TITAN-UP Productions, LLC says:


KevinHarper3DArtist says:

Thank you Jamie.

Claudio Cammarota says:

amazing!! great job! =)

Christos Viskadourakis says:

I don’t know why you said at the beggining of the video that this is a tutorial in advance level. I know nothing for PFlow and you got straight to the point and you explained everything very well! Well done, thank you!

Patrick Gavin says:

Thanks Kevin will give it a go today and see if I can sort it

AlexanderKuzmenkoUA says:

How create many papers?

Lou Cannizzo says:

Very nice, however, disappointing. We find out at the end of the tutorial that we need to be a script writter to make more than 1 paper sheet. A link to that “auto script” would be nice 🙂

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