Part 1- Room Modeling Tutorial in 3ds max

This is a beginners tutorial in 3ds max that takes you step by step of modeling an interior of a room.
Here are the files I used in the tutorial for referance:

This Tutorial was created by 4th dimension



Hi, Guys i am unable to group the lines in the begging can someone help me with it???

oMeR MuGhal says:

you done a great job

Zankar Gupte says:

can you explain camera settings in details ??? like how did you started having view from camera that you inserted and what are those lens numbers etc

Rapha Prieto says:

There’s a command in Autocad called “flatten” it sends every line in Z axis to zero, even if it’s a autocad 3d block. It’s very helpfull to do it before import the cad file into 3DS.

jay chotaliya says:

What is the differance between 3d max & Revit?

Rahul Kunwar says:

Could use isolate layer command or layoff command in autocad to hide the extra/unwanted layers and elements. Easy and quick.

wmatan blogsil says:


Bible Goodies says:

wow i’m impressed

Blackblaze2007 says:

hey dude this tutorial is not for BEGINNERS!!!!! . you dont explain why or what are the commands you used. You just showing your 3d MODELING WORKFLOW… you should change the title so its not confusing…..

Slightly Mad Tutorials says:

Great job!

mohan aitha says:

in that link there is Register nd upload options are there no download files

Elie Abou Raad says:

hello, im using vray 3.00.08 and there no such thing in the render setup/settings noise “threshold” because my seen is fll of dots can help me please

flame axe says:

nice please visit my channel

Olga Bogdanova says:

все просто и понятно) спасибо!

Chillback says:

*Ceiling* ….

Iskren Vlaykov says:

I had problems with the dimensions. Although I selected cm in the beginning the plan was 2,5 times bigger than it should be, so I should’ve multiple the values given in the video with 2,5. Any idea why the metrics don’t match ?

Sikandar Nawaz says:

I HAVE VRAY 3.20.02 for my 2016 3d max but sir i dont have the option of INDIRECT ILLUMINATION IN MY VRAY OF 3D MAX 2016

굼벵이 says:

tutorials thank you

Sha Sing says:

Do you sell your work or?

RulerL0rd says:

Lol you have Diablo 3.

Bernarda Franco says:

Thank you so much for this you are awesome <3 please keep on making this

Mohammad Anwar says:

thank u so mch for sharng this video and from where i can find the 2d plan of this interior project

MDesign says:

File link is spam and ads. No file appears to download.

Ana Nik says:

I am stuck trying to get walls from the floor editable poly. I just keep pulling the whole floor up O.o
If someone could please explain it step by step, thank you.


great video !

AYE AYE says:

nice dude

Krutika's Art Gallery says:

Thank You Thank you Thank you

centuryparkbd says:

i like vedio.

Basia Adamska says:

by any chance, is it possible to work on revit plans instead of autocad?

Nafis Cloud says:

Many thanks dude.

saurabh patidar says:

which version is he using?

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