Screw Modeling in 3ds max Tutorial

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Get ready for a quick modeling tutorial where we will look at modeling screw in 3ds max. We will learn how to create continuos screw thread. Using helix as a guide and cut tool we will create detail screw.

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Yamamoto Genryusai says:

Nice video. Thanks a lot. But you’re doing and telling it a little fast that it’s really hard to keep up with.

basila33 says:

You screwed up )))

hasan mahmud says:

thanks for a very helpful tutorial.and want more

Şahin Geldeç says:

Helix ccw must

Sensual Armpit says:

you could just use sweep modifier dumbass

Ruffneck101 says:

Great tutorial, but just a little criticism the screw you created looks basically like a drywall screw, so to make them more realistic you’ll want to add a but more gloss to them (they’re a little too matte black so to speak), and the top you created a common head (slotted) and it should be a Phillips head ( + ).

kishor vandan says:


Sensual Armpit says:

also that fucking hand cutting moment
you are a fucking retard dude

The Maphio says:

The whole process is far easier but you really made it quite difficult to follow.
You should probably put a voiceover on a more precise video to obtain a decent tutorial.

Mohamed Hamed says:

Just small ask why u dont use the hilex and use it as boolen object after convert it to edit poly?

Your Concepts says: more modeling tutorial, modeling lamp

James Bones says:

When I insert the background I can move around it’s just stuck fro the whole background? I’ve done exactly what you have…

Maxxx Modelz says:

Very good, but I think there are some things can be done a little more efficient. Take this method, for example:

Иван Ящерицын says:

Good mesh form

Vijay Parmar says:

Very nice tutorial….keep them coming. Many Thanks

sarat chandra says:

hey bro I couldn’t find lock zoompan in view port configuration so I’m not able to move/zoom the picture inserted ..!! I’m using 3dsmax 2016 ..!!

John Billcolp Lukwago says:

Ur tutorials are just cool, very clear in that a beginner can also follow en understand. Ur the best man…Salute

Sensual Armpit says:

indian modeling, so fucking pathetic

Adam says:

I am little understand in english but i thing it is great and i don’t know why you have so little viwer. I don’t know or i god write but i hope you understand 😀

[pissgoat] says:

screw modelling in 3ds max! 



garyogaz says:

Learnt something new, nice tutorial

Sensual Armpit says:

Just look at the fucking names in the comments its like half of india accidently decided to start learning cg.

Johnathan Griggs says:

Amazing, keep em coming.

izvarzone says:

TBH, it’s much easier to do in Fusion 360, or even take the one from library. Or you can at least use Sweep modifier on helix and then ProBoolean on cylinder.

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