Star Wars: Droid Tutorial – Part 1 – Modeling & UV Unwrapping – 3Ds Max

Hello friends!

I am happy to bring you the latest ChamferZone tutorial in game art creation featuring 3ds Max and Substance Painter!
Star Wars has been a source of inspiration for sci fi and hard surface designs throughout decades and the droid makes for an excellent object in spherical modeling practice. We will also focus on Color ID’s, Alpha and Emissive maps throughout it!

Required things for the tutorial:
Reference Image:
TexTools (for 3dsmax):
Low and Highpoly files for those who just want to follow the texturing part:

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Cheers, Tim


Mustafa Öztürk says:

I have been using Maya for 2 years but I just want to learn 3ds Max because of you… You are damn good and your tutorials have the best quality.

Adam Mann says:

Great that you did a free one.

Roozbeh Manouchehri says:

wow. Just When you think you know almost everything about modelling, you watch Tim’s tutorial and you realize that there is still plenty to learn from the master. As always fantastic tutorial.

mimarc Oz says:

Tim your accent and knowledge is very pretty and you ‘r amazing thanx alot..God bless you..

ShnEastley Chen says:

Thanks for sharing,this vedio is so inspiring,it helps me a lot!Big thumbs up!

The Matrix says:

nice topology

Yanhong Li says:

Finally, you updated new videos.

MX KAMAL says:

keep it up and thank you

K1TT3N says:

Is using Maya for this tutorial fine?

Antoni Sauren says:

Graphite tools doesn’t have point-to-point selection mode to make those in 17:00?

Julian Estrada says:

woooo what a monster bro, that is porn for me, very clean tecniques

zaparine says:

Just a little mistake I’ve noticed. At 2:33 The cylinder radius is 63 cm, that means its diameter is 126 cm, so the droid will be 126 cm tall instead of 63 cm.

Dante Metaphor says:

if the height is 63cm shouldnt the radius of the cylinder be 31.5cm?

Exxon Prod says:

OMG, why are you so strong.

omar abdala says:

you are the best <3

Holger Ap says:

You make by far the best tutorials I’ve ever seen! I really like, that you just show everything, every single step, that is so incredibly helpful! If we ever happen to meet, I owe you a couple beer!

Sakina Masalec says:

thanks for your tutorials, it’s amazing. I learn something from you.

ShadowWolfMods says:

Perfect,what’s coming next ?

ToxicSludge says:

As someone with a single income family and very little expendable cash, I thank you for providing this tutorial for free!

dekalicia says:

Hi, thank you for your tut’s. why did you have 2 Edit poly shortcut in your modifier menu ?

Condogz says:

That moment when to get into isolation mode it’s alt + Q but getting out isn’t

Asad - says:

So much learned in this vudeo then my entire course

Roman Mendicant says:

At long last ! Super awesome to see you back, Tim!

Vitto says:

You are back. Amazinnnnggggggggggggg!!!!!

tahal sonkar says:

Mobile modelling tutorial please sir

iSoldierHD says:

Never clicked on a video so fast! Thank you!

Ivan Lafraya says:

awesome, really awesome

Naratib Notreally says:

29:06 to people new to max, it’s Alt+R click.
Your tutorial are fantastic as always. Thank you.

Crimzan says:

This is gold, Tim! My skills have increased a lot since I’ve been doing your tutorials! I am really happy you have decided to share your knowledge! 🙂

Alex Sasu says:

Can’t even begin to tell you how much your tutorials have helped me! Thanks for all the quality content you put out there for us!

Arkey says:

You know what, I’m going to do this tutorial instead of just watching. Artstation is about to be flooded by 50 versions of this droid in a few weeks lmao.

Igor Puskaric says:

Great tutorial,thanx for sharing! 🙂

Rock TheElement says:

Hey ChamferZone, I know this is off topic but how is Autodesk’s transition from permanent license to subscription affecting you?

TheOracle says:

I’ve just finished this part of the tutorial. I had a couple of times that I was a bit lost and made small mistakes, but it was easily fixed just going back slowly, like some issues with alling edges in place in the unwrap viewport hahaha. Thanks so much for sharing this cool tutorial with us!

siemieniaco says:

Amazing tutorial as always, but i have a question. I see that you unwrap the model and when you bake the high model in substance painter the hard edges doesnt appear even with the hard edge been separated by two smoothing groups . But in my case i still get the hard edges appearing after the bake. What can i do to fix this?

Robert Villano Muñoz says:

Great tutorials bro thank´s

RealmOfAeon says:

Very nice tutorial

Random Dude says:

Чувак, у тебя самые крутые видосы :DDD

Арсен Грабець says:

useful lessons! Thank you very much)

Wheatley says:

You’re back!!!

Noname Noname says:

how do u rotate the object like that at 23:18 when i try to do it it rotates on o much smaller axis?

Matias - Corn LR says:

fucking gold

Sunny Apples says:

I’ve just finished this part.
Thank you so much Tim, I’ve learned a lot, can’t wait to jump into second part to learn how to texture.
Trying to learn so I can create some assets for my upcoming game. I can’t believe the quality of these tutorials, these are as good as tutorials get!!! Again, thank you so much.
My Droid Screenshot:

JethY says:

Thank you for the tutorial! Everything was explained well but what does TexTools’ Smoothing Groups from UV Shells exactly do? As you give little info about it. Thanks in advance 🙂

Milan says:

Hey Tim, do you reckon you could do a tutorial on character modelling, like characters which look like Fortnite characters for example. Thanks!

Farrukh 3D says:

Great work, thanks for sharing 🙂

ChamferZone says:

Hello friends, IMPORTANT post tutorial information!
Please make sure to do the following at the end of the modeling chapter for our highpoly export in the FBX EXPORT window!
The other thing is that the cylinder radius should be half of what I suggested in the tutorial. So instead of 63cm you want to make it 31,5 radius to get the exact size 😉 (me and my math skills)

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