Tutorial: Modeling an 3D arch with column in Autodesk 3Ds Max

3Ds Max tutorial on modeling 3D columns.

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Roozy 85 says:

Thank you so much. your tutorials are very detailed, nicely paced, and very helpful.

numb grafix says:

hi i have watched two of your tuts and they are great i have also subscribed plz keep doing them

Taisia Spirina says:

So helpful! Thanks!

Sam Boddington says:

Thank you, all your videos have helped me so much!

3D tutorials AM says:

my pleasure 🙂

Arun Manohar says:

Great…Thank You..Please upload some tutorials on VRAY


nice tutorial, but have overlapping polygons in the extrudes…

Madraver says:

Do you have a polycount for this?

Crayhardt says:

Nicely done! Subscribed ! Liked and commented.. Keep up the good work, you can learn in mu channel on how to use shadow mapping and creating splines and etc. Good luck and Great work ! 😀

bego kalevra says:

I like it . . .
it is great and it is a fanny too . . .
“I’m going to” . . . 🙂 you should find some other words too maybe . . .
but, it is great . . .
thank you . . .

warthriller says:

Glad I found your channel, this is just what I needed! Subscribed, liked, and bookmarked.

roger riveroll says:

great tutorial! but i have a question… why did you used “connect” to add the details on the top part but you used “swift” for the bottom part?

Rincevant Wisperwind says:

thanks for your tutorials i love it !

Iaom Banana says:

Hello, my name is Aom. I’m watch this tutorial clip and follow every steps it’s really work!!!
But i have some question
My posts are 2.75 meters apart. And I want it to bend beautifully.
But it’s too narrow. It can not be curved. Do you have a solution to this problem?

cymaratechoverdragon says:

This tutorial was fantastic, not only for making an arch, this has basically taught me how to make anything I want in 3ds Max

Joshua LaMoria says:

im stuck at the part when i have to cut in the middle , whenever i press the cut tool and cut down the middle it dosent snap in like yours did it just disappears when i deselect it

Loxioss says:

You made my day, thanks 😀

shoaib ansari says:

nice. and i m going to…………. thank u

GreenMunkeeD says:


Demacia Z says:

Thank you very much to provide video, helped me a lot, I do not speak English, although I can only understand a few words, but it was enough! We are trying to learn English to be able to understand more hope.


I’m going to… bookmark this video.

多形体Sheob says:

helped so much thx a lot. Also you have a nice speed not to fast not too slow just fine

jonnie medina says:

good tutorial knowledge….i learn a lot

Milan Putnik says:

Thank you, this technique tremendously sped up my work on a project for my job !

ANOOP VA says:

sir . pls help me . give me more tutorial tips .
thank you

Ahmed Adawi says:

professional 😉 big like

Rafik khan shaikh says:

thanks bro

Ryan Cross says:

whenever I click boolean and then the smaller circles nothing happens, the inner part of the circles remain inside! Union is selected so im quite confused. Anyone have a fix?

Rafik khan shaikh says:

great tutorial man ! this is a nice model 

Leonard Walker says:

What software are you using to record your videos?

al mounir alaoui says:

a lot of technics. nice video. how can we customise the toolbars like you show us in this video.

braincollapse6 says:

thanks men , you help me a lot !

Evo RS says:

Thank you very thorough and shortcut key helped a lot ~!1

Mark Neiman says:

Very useful tutorial! Thanks for it!

Pablo Miges says:

Гугл переводчик рулит…

3D tutorials AM says:

2,7k for each arch+column

Madhvi Sharma says:

can u send me starting tutorial video of 3ds max

angelito de jesus says:

thanks a lot for very informative tutorial

pmg1180 says:

automatic captions suck! I wanna to learn this from you if you custom the CC. Thanks!

ReDFragg3r says:

great tutorial man ! this is a nice model ! 

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