V-Ray for 3ds Max – Quick Tutorial: God Rays

In this video, we’ll take a closer look at how we can use “VRayEnvironmentFog” to create a volumetric effect known as “God rays”.

Download Scene: http://bit.ly/2veLoS9

Computer used in this demonstration has the following system specs:
– Intel i7-3930K | 32GB RAM | GTX 770 | Quadro M6000

For more information, please visit: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/3ds-max


anteneh melaku says:


Alex Vega says:

O_O wow

Netraraj Pun says:


Dan Tyler says:

Hi ChaosGroupTV, Thanks very much for the tutorial- Really helpful! I have however found a small bug, you are unable to use the Vray sun with volumetric lighting if you created it using the 3dsMax Daylight System!

irgendna says:

Could you please explain the practical meaning of using VrayHDRI instead of standart Bitmap map in diffuse?

BUI HUY Cuong says:

very Nice

FullMetalBiscuit says:

Awesome, will definitely be using this knowledge at some point.

Mustafa Alfarhan says:

fantastic result, I like Vray so much!!

Scareface Visuals says:

haha the name is funny, light of god

Nebbou Hicham says:

Ughhh they should have named it G-ray then 🙂

Ricardo Ferrari says:

Very Nice!

Juan Zapata says:


Nicolò Stivanello says:

Thank u!

Mike Dugenio Hansen says:

thanks for the free scene 🙂

Amit Pasi says:


pramod. maharjan says:

nice video

Pixelpark Carlo says:

Does it works woth vray RT GPU?

Ghazi Benzarti says:

the file 😉

kingiummina says:



Great. I liked it! Also it will be usefull to show the gizmo objects to bound the Enviromental Fog effect..| Отлично. Мне понравилось! Так же было бы полезно показать использование гизмо объектов для ограничения эффекта тумана окружения.

Symmetry design studio says:

One of the best tutorials ever I have seen.

Jez2008UK says:

Thanks for adding your machine specs (I asked for that 🙂 ) – and I *love* the fact that you don’t show off V-Ray using the newest, fastest available machine on the planet – that shows great confidence in your product and respect to your clients and audience 🙂

A big massive thumbs up 🙂

Vikas Singh says:

amazing tutorial.. very helpful

plodej says:

Like to see the same tutorial for Maya.

TheMrDrakiula says:

indeed, amazing!

Metal Potato says:

I want this option in my Vray for Sketchup right now.
What”s the problem, guys? Why you dividing your customers?

Tuhin Zahid says:

please upload tutorials about photorealistic rendering techniques.

Kari Noriy says:

I would love to see demonstration in Maya.

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