Water Simulation Tutorial in 3DS Max (No Plugins) : Tutorial

In this tutorial, we discuss one method of creating water simulation using only those tools native to 3DS Max. We will not cover the use of any 3rd party plugins. The tools discussed are the flex and point cache modifiers as well as particle flow and path constraint.

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Ange AurA ZaN says:

yes yes yes YEAAAAAA

Eduardo Quintella says:

Hi! Nice tut. This is my result rendered with MR with caustics.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6wy_wyxsjr1Wk9PeDJDaUtjYTg/view?usp=sharing
Could be better if i put the pivot point of the boat closer to the foam emitter, but thats ok 😉

bassem adel says:

It was pretty useful but I was looking for foam and stuff around the boat

terrablader says:


robiworks says:

So useful! Thank you.

Mike G says:

Do you perhaps supply the max files for your tutorials?
Would help to follow along

sultan Kafi says:

great tutorial .. thanks for sharing

Con- Fusion says:


Dave V says:

Excellent tutorial! It was nice to see someone do a tutorial using only the native Max tools and get such great results. If you ever revisit this subject, adding foam to the water would be awesome. Thanks

jack wayne says:

hey, i am student of arena animation. I’ve seen your tutorial. it’s quite good. I need the scripting file to complete the task. can you please give ?

Sebastian Z says:

Great tutorial! I have a question is there any way to affect particle on geometry with modifier flex (to get water droplets striking in puddles effect)?

Karim N says:

wow that great i like it what about foam

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