Adobe Fuse CC & Cinema 4D Tutorial – Sending custom 3D characters to Cinema 4D

In this Adobe Fuse CC 2015 tutorial video, learn how to send custom created characters from Adobe Fuse to Cinema 4D, as well as option for other full 3D programs such as Maya or 3DS Max. You can easily export custom characters using Adobe Creative Cloud, and save the the 3D characters as a .fbx file, which can be brought into Cinema 4D R17. Additionally, using Adobe Fuse you can attach a library of Motion Capture data to your custom characters, and send that to Cinema 4D as well.

This Adobe Fuse CC 2015 Tutorial also covers interface tips and tricks, as well as an overview of how to customize 3D character attributes, clothing, textures, and materials. Also learn about how the 3D characters are auto-rigged, in order to save time on 3D rigging. We’ll also cover using Motion Capture data in Photoshop to create a variety of animations.

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In addition to integrating with Cinema 4D, you can also use Adobe Fuse CC 2015 to fully create custom 3D characters and bring them into Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 using Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. Learn about integrating Adobe Fuse with Adobe Photoshop with this tutorial:

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TheMatKapo100 says:

when i import the fbx 3d model into c4d after animating it only gets the bones doing the animation, with no object and textures. and if i open the other fbx file it only opens the object with no animation. what can i do?

wagner rodrigues says:

walking, how to extend the animation in the timeline?

Gamer Max says:

Oh yeah, it’s so easy, and it looks great…3,000 price tag. Must be nice to be rich. For all us common people we need a cheeper way to do this. I take it element 3d won’t work for this?

BigsantaPlayz says:

when i hit finish on maximo nothing happens. Can anyone help??

Dan Conrad says:

Guess we don’t have anymore excuses not to deliver something cool.

Paul Carder Motion Graphics says:

Shame this didn’t work for me. Any Mixamo animated FBX I import into cinema 4D is screwed up. I’ve wasted 2 days of my life trying to figure it out, and even tried using Motionbuilder to convert, but nothing works. Good for you though, you got Mixamo working. Wish I could! 🙁

Igor Bajic says:

Very cool 😀 Can I use this mixamo mo-cap data to animate a character I found on the net and I did the rigging using the Character rigger that has pre-built bones.

Tamás Kalanovics says:

Did you by accident figure out how to fix the white eyes/solid eyelashes issue while importing into C4D? There seems to be no info about this at all online.

MijnCamper says:

Can this Adobe fuse character also been downloaded in Cinema 4D lite as part of After Effects?

Muntasir Ahmed says:

How can I increase the scale? Can someone please help me out. :'(

angeloboose says:

the animated zombie eyeballs where out of place when you merged it into c4d

WildChickenTV says:

How I Can Get Adobe Fuse For Free Bro?

Brian Ellis says:

how do you scale character without bones seperating from mesh

o133 says:

hey could u please talk about how to get this into after effects? with element 3d or without

junaid mumtaz says:

Whats the title music ?

customneonshirts says:

So can you talk more about how to animate existing characters? That all happens in maxon 4d in this workflow? Can you use that webcam character animator with the 3d characters like you can with 2d characters?

Spaceg says:

What are all these new Adobe programs and stuff they offering

Bloopsan says:

pass the joint

Stéphane Le Graphiste says:



Classed says:

It won’t import for me! Is it because I have C4D Lite?

JeffsSheps says:

Great videos! I only have the C4D lite that’s bundled with AfterFX. So far, no luck importing the .fbx format even though the MAXON website indicates the lite version will accept it. Sean, are you using or have you tried this in C4D lite?

Andrea Vardi says:

Hi Great tutorial. But, I have not the “Whit Skin” option in download window. I have only T-Pose.
and, in the .fbx file the animation is without a model and texture. only skeleton. whi?
Thank You!

Chris Franklin says:

Would be helpful if someone did a tutorial on how to download multiple animations with one rig, there’s so little information on how to set up a full animation it’s ridiculous… It took so long to figure out how to have two rigs in the same scene with multiple motion clips applied to them….

Free Use Gameplay says:

Can you please show how to add in the premade animations from Mixamo?

defSpray says:

how do you resize an animated rigged charachter in c4d without the fingers stretching out etc.

Astro St. NASA™ says:

Now, more Possible Features with Adobe Creative Cloud Beta

Trap King says:

can we move them around with the skeleton?

jay hotkum says:

Is there a way where you can move the rigged character to a different coordinate, i try using the key frames and changing the positions but it just sends it back straight to where they started. (i am using two characters and one needs to be moved)

Kukuh Basuki says:

Thanks 🙂

Artyom Hov. says:

Another great tutorial.

Dave Rickards says:

hey i have a high poly skeleton model and when i put it into maximo it says it has too many polys. i suck at rigging and love how easy maximo is. is there any way i can do a work around where i can rig the skeleton using a low poly version then binding the low poly to the high poly?

Bryan Wieder says:

My question would be is it possible to use Kinect data to animate C4D/Fuse rigs

Almagestic says:

+Sean Frangella I’m using C4D R12 to merge the animation FBX into my C4D composition, but when it loads up, it’s stuck in the T-Pose. Is it because I’m using 2010.2 import settings (as opposed to your 2015.1 import settings at 6:18)?

Bilal haider tanoli says:

how i get Adobe fuse setup???

madmips says:

after updates it’s not working any more 🙁 C4D Lite can’t open .fbx files

James Kozick says:

Great Tutorial. What might be a possible next tutorial with Fuse & Cinema 4D would be creating multiple animations in Fuse with the same character and merging them in C4D with the Retarget Tag so that the separate animations all string together seamlessly in one continuous animation. That would be great to see how it is done. Thanks!

Travis Haggerty says:

Wow, this shit is crazy. What a great perk to have with adobe CC

Kendale Jones says:

How do you move the character from the imported start?  I made a scene already and imported the character but the character cannot be moved from its imported spot

Eddie - E11World says:

This is really amazing. I can’t wait to get some time to start using this.

Sxrew says:

how to add foreign shapes like masks or helmets/clothing using zbrush or something like that?

Umesh Gallage says:

Please quick help!.. how can I import this to AE Element 3D with animation?

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