Adobe Fuse CC Tutorial – Adding & Modifying Clothing (part 3) – Sean Frangella

In part 3 of the Adobe Fuse CC 2015 tutorial series, learn how to add and modify clothing for Adobe Fuse CC. With Fuse you can create custom 3D character models in the new Adobe Creative Cloud, then easily bring the 3D character models into Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or Cinema 4D. Adobe Fuse also helps you to create, customize, and export 3D characters with rigged skeletons and integrate a library of motion capture data. When bringing the 3D models from Adobe Fuse into Adobe Photoshop for with in the Photoshop 3D interface, the 3D models are sent from Adobe Fuse to Adobe Photoshop using the new Adobe Libraries.

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Check out part 3 of the Adobe Fuse CC Tutorial series, adding & modifying clothing:

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This Adobe Fuse CC 2015 Tutorial also covers interface tips and tricks, as well as an overview of how to customize 3D character attributes, clothing, textures, and materials. Also learn about how the 3D characters are auto-rigged, in order to save time on 3D rigging. We’ll also cover using Motion Capture data in Photoshop to create a variety of animations.

In addition to integrating with Photoshop CC, Adobe Fuse can also easily send 3D Models to Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS Max, and other full 3D programs. Learn about integrating Adobe Fuse with Cinema 4D at this tutorial:

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Jerr OCarroll says:

Daft question, Ive seen some fuse models with ties and suits, but the library seems to only have suits and open shirts. Any ideas?

Abraham Pina says:

As always you rock. Thank you.

o133 says:

Fuse takes procrastinating to a whole new level :’D and well its a good start for the lazy people just like i am . obtw i enjoyed this series alot maybe u can suggest which 3rd programs to use if i want to sculpture my own models and UV them from scratch :’D

Dee Marie says:

Thank you for the Excellent Tutorial. Not sure if you can help me, but do you have the steps to change permissions for a Fuse “Cloth PNG File” using Windows 10?

When you modified the png file in your tutorial (using a Mac) it looked so simple. With Windows 10, not so much.

I tried going into Windows Explorer/Permissions within the Hair_FemaleFitA_AlphaPonytail_DetailExtra1.png file, to change the color of the “ponytail band” from red to brown, as there are no controls in Adobe Fuse to change this detail. It appears that I have permission, but when I attempt to save the modified PNG file in Photoshop, a popup states that the file is locked and that I do not have permission.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Space Cadet says:

what is fuse? gawd you take your eye off the ball for a few months and the whole industry changes lol

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