Adobe Fuse CC Tutorial – Create custom 3D characters, bring them into Photoshop CC 2015

In this Adobe Fuse CC 2015 tutorial video, learn how to create custom 3D character models in the new Adobe Creative Cloud, then easily bring the 3D character models into Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. With Adobe Fuse, you can easily create, customize, and export 3D characters with rigged skeletons and integrate a library of motion capture data. When bringing the 3D models from Adobe Fuse into Adobe Photoshop for with in the Photoshop 3D interface, the 3D models are sent from Adobe Fuse to Adobe Photoshop using the new Adobe Libraries.

This Adobe Fuse CC 2015 Tutorial also covers interface tips and tricks, as well as an overview of how to customize 3D character attributes, clothing, textures, and materials. Also learn about how the 3D characters are auto-rigged, in order to save time on 3D rigging. We’ll also cover using Motion Capture data in Photoshop to create a variety of animations.

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In addition to integrating with Photoshop CC, Adobe Fuse can also easily send 3D Models to Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS Max, and other full 3D programs. Learn about integrating Adobe Fuse with Cinema 4D at this tutorial:

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atDigit says:

Thank you! Read also my recommendations on Adobe Fuse CC Quick Start for Russian speaking authority –

SkyPenguinGames _ says:

Sean, you are a god.

Herman Kahn says:

Quick tip: Put a link to your Patreon in the description of every video

A Guy From Denmark says:

11:09 – Somebody is going to steal this for Steam Greenlight,

Main Strain says:

Hi thanks! I was just wondering if I was making a zombie, how would I make it bloodier, with more cuts “ingrained” into it. What I mean by “ingrained” is how the cuts you get when you first choose the body parts for the zombie. I just want to make claw marks, bite marks, blood, etc. Also how would i make the wounds a red color? right now they are purple!

Nicci Daley says:

Hey Sean,
I’m a teacher, and I’m working with a school licence of Adobe CC. At the moment we don’t have access to Maximo or the CC libraries to get the character from Fuse to Photoshop. I tried just saving the Fuse document and opening it in photoshop and it gives me an error message saying the file is not the correct type. I really want my kids to be able to use the Characters they create in Fuse. Any ideas how to get around this problem?

Olina Chang says:

Hi, this tutorial is great! Thank you. I am wondering if it’s allow us to adjust the pose of the character in Ps or on Maximo? Or using the animation preset is the only way to adjust poses? I am thinking to use it as pose and coloring reference.

John Elias says:

how do I create a character that has animations similar to minecraft or unturned (or totally accurate battle simulator?)

Azure Studio says:

i have been using this recently but i cant animate it in photoshop attached is a link to my fuse cc forum post no one has answered it? in the post is a screen shot to show that its not showing up?

sue szylwin says:

I don’t have the icon that you do in properties that list the available animations. Where can I find these to add to photoshop? I’ve found the Mixamo downloadable sets but once they’re downloaded I’m not sure how to get them into photoshop CC 2017. I’ve tried “load” etc and I’m not yielding any results. Anyone have thoughts or experience with this?

Artyom Hov. says:

Now I know what Adobe Fuse is.

Dinesh Kumar says:

Hey Sean,
Thank You Man. i Got a Auto Rigged Character But In The Properties Panel i cannot see the Movemet Preset. Its only showing The Word Called “AUTHENTICATING…” for the last 15 MINUTES…. Can i Wait For The Preset Or Is There Is Any Problem On My Photoshop……

Smiley MythHunter says:

Does this work on 32 bit windows?

ocubex says:

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

thegamingkojo99 says:

how do you make your own mask

Paul Gatto says:

If you’re using a pre made 3D object from Adobe and alter it in PS, who owns the rights to the final output? If you make a game with an object you pulled from Adobe Fuse, can Adobe turn around and claim ownership?

FelixG17 says:

I cant seem to customize any part of the body. Can anybody help? it just stopped letting me adjust the different body parts. i dont get it.

Eliza Fajardo says:

how did you cycle through your blending modes so quickly?

Jonathon Chambers says:

This is THE Adobe Fuse tutorial. Well done.

TheFilmNerds says:

When I import it to PS it says file isn’t supported , please help

Marie Seltenrych says:

Insanely ugly characters. But thanks for trying to help. I can’t bear to look at these at all.

Keith Tarrier says:

Very useful. Thanks.

Any idea on how, or is it possible, to add a weapon the hand? Either in fuse or photoshop.

Dinesh Kumar says:

i cant get the movement presets on my properties panels…..why……………?


will Fuse work with character animator?

karim dev says:

how can install it ?

Tiya Thimsuwan says:

Thanks so much, great tutorial.

mikewfarris says:

Thanks for the video 🙂 I am having a hard time trying to get more than one sequence of animation in the Photoshop timeline. So for example, I want my character to walk, then jump, then fall down, etc. How do you add more than one to the timeline and also how can you change the face expressions in the timeline.

Ron Duckett says:

I have been looking for tutorial since I downloaded FUSE. Thank you very much. You are getting a new subscriber!

Zakaria Chefi says:

did have cartoon style ?

Jfreek5050 says:

how do you adjust the characters height? :/

JIM SNOW says:

how do you get it into after effects ?

Gamer Max says:

So here was my thought. I wanted to creator a charecter, either on fuse, or illustrator. Put in into a 3d rendering program. Then send it to after effect to composite into a shot. Say a movie or a video game. Have them interact, or tell a joke. And send it into premiere. Now Cinema 4d looks breath taking, it’s also takes my breath away with the 3,000 price tag. Could I do this with elemente 3d?

Shekhar Mine says:

good video. how to add motions to character or how to export the character to video with motions?

ALL77ful says:

Why must always be presented zombies, this fashion? Only the darkness live?

Jouko J says:

I don’t know what has happened but in the same version of Photoshop CC I have lost the option to see the 3D skeleton and change the position of the character :O

George Larkins says:

Nice tutorial. Thanks Sean.

Rachael Petal says:

Thanks for the tutorial! But when I try and change the background color it doesn’t work. Anyway I can fix it?

Elena Paletskaya says:

very useful. Thanks, Sean!

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