Adobe Fuse Characters: Realistic Eye Light and PBR Skin Shader in Cinema 4D

In this episode we take an Adobe Fuse character and add eye reflections (eye lights) and create more Physically Based Render (PBR) shaders for her skin and clothes.

We are rendering with Cinema 4D Physical Renderer using GI (QMC/IC) for fast “real time” previews renders. Similar to Arnold and Octanes IPRs.

In part 2 we create realistic hair.

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Fantasyart says:

I’ve been using MakeHuman and it can generate beautiful characters, with a great deal of variation. The problem is that it’s an Open Source project, evolving in a slow pace, the texture maps are very low-res and it doesn’t generate normal maps. My first impression on Fuse is that the base characters are really ugly. If Fuse had full controls for face tweaking it would be a complete tool, instead.

Mark Johnson says:

Matt, I figured out the issue. I still had a missing material tag (from the deleted original eyelash material) associated with my Eyelashes object and for some reason that tag was interfering.

TDC HD Deportes - Pagina Oficial (WWE) says:

Its my imagine or Adobe Fuse don’t have Jaw’s bone??? so how you can animate his or her mouth to open it ???

3bol4 says:

Thanks a lot for ur help to walk into the uncanny valley! It was a very useful Tutorial for me!

Matthew Beavers says:

not sure why but i followed the steps for making a eye light but after i render my characters eyes are black, all the settings for transparency are exactly what you showed but for some reason the glass makes my characters eyes completely black WITH the eye light reflecting, just the eyes are completely black.. not sure what I am doing wrong..

Alexey Kalin says:

Thanks a lot! It’s works and looks great! But I have a problem when I try to rotate a neck. Lenses and eyes aren’t move with head. (I added lenses under eyes polygon in object inspector as you shown in tutorial)

rad macker says:

Hey on earlier versions of C4d (ex. r14) will fuse models with mixamo animations work? I ran through it but when I merged the file it made the fingers, toes, and shorts in the wrong spots. As far as I could see the rigging was in the correct place.

Rishi Raj Mitra says:

Dude !! You are like the one man army! Cinematography Database as well as this! Commendable brother. 🙂

SilkSatin Paradise says:

This is fantastic! Thank you very much! Very helpful!

Michael Sykes says:

he had to defend himself on the girl clothes.. what is liberalism and feminism doing to us !!!

Max Puliero says:

cool stuff but I have to desagree on few points:
the reflectivity of the skin is made by 2 layers the skin it self, with a reflectivity of fresnel 1.45 circa (like normal dielectric materials) and the oily/transparent layer on top of it, wich has the same value of water basically (fresnel 1.33).
for the oily layer you should have and influence mask to drive where the skin is more wet.
Also I suggest to use a GGX has specular layer, because it deal better with real life roughness and fresnel.


Jaxen LLc says:

fuse no longer works bro

Rafael D. says:

I don´t know why, but when i download my fuse character from mixamo and bring it to c4d the materials aren´t they same like yours, i dont have the top and bottom normal maps i only got (for example the top) : diffuse, gloss, normal, opacity and specular

The Diffuse is just the texture with the color and pattern but without cutting or details, gloss is black, normal ist the same like yours, opacity is white and specular is black. same for bottoms

did adobe fuse change the texture export?

However, perfect tutorial, my final render picture is really good. Now i try a little commercial with this fuse characters because i hate this illustrator vector people + after effects animations 😀

Nitesh Kumar says:


Is there a way to take a photo jpeg that has had the background removed behind the person in the photo and only insert that into a 3d scene? I know to import a jpeg it has to be matted to something like a plane, but what I want is to insert photos that are not a rectangle, just of a person, kind of like taking a bunch of paper dolls and then inserting them into a 3d scene. Should the photo’s be shot against a blue screen and then use a alpha ch to remove the bkgrnd?

Hopefully my questions makes sense.


Haider Subhi says:

you’re great pro but I need you to make the same technique in maya Especially about lighting

typeXYZ says:

Really helped my Fuse model. Eyelashes do seem to be a hard one to figure out. There fine now, but I don’t know how I got there. Hair is the real big problem with Fuse; it’s very ‘video game’ looking.

钱益鸣 says:

why the skin distortion when import to cinema 4D? like this

*j3* says:

If anyone is having problems with the eye lenses not being attached to the eyes when the character is moving the solution is to go to the mixamorig eyes and put each lens under the respective eye.

אורי בר נתן says:

if i will make this pbr textures will it work fine with unity or it will be to much for unity to take cuz i sow that in atart of the video you make the textures super big so i don’t know if i can use this for my game

Sajid Sharif says:

Dear all my file is not save mixamo (error conecting creative cloud)

DonGiovanniAv says:

Amazing tutorial. Just one tip: It’s much faster if in Fuse you copy a material/color and then paste it on every desired object.

Ian Hurdle says:

very cool. can this process be avoided by purchasing a ten24 scan character?? or do even those scans require tinkering?

Chayu Hua says:

YouTube does not have a Chinese translation of this video. It’s a pity

PT. Basuki Multi Media says:

The best solution for eyelashes!

Jaxen LLc says:

fuse frezzes up as soon as its open some times dont even open up so i have unstalled it the other day and went and got iclone 7 and iclone 7 3dexchange with iclone character creator thats all on sale untill the 31 of dec for $249 witch aint bad compare to the normal price were all 3 together cost about $700 and it fixes the ainmate part and gives you more time to worry about building ur game in the end its really like fuse in some parts but lets you add more detail to characters and lets you be able to compete with the pros

Lil Lil says:

“Not here to toot my own button.”

Chaotic Games says:

my eyelashes still don work i followed all the steps please help

Mark Johnson says:

Thanks for this wonderful tutorial, Matt! I’m using Cinema R18 and the Alpha matte for the eyelashes (even when set to Soft) is not working. Looks good in preview, but not when rendered. Any idea why?

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