Adobe Fuse + Photoshop Integration

Last Saturday, Nathaniel and I sat down to explore Adobe Fuse, and how it integrates with the latest version of Photoshop CC. Watch as we customize and texture a 3D character, then bring it into Photoshop to pose, animate, and composite!

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Skorm XZKai says:


noelsoong777 says:

basically fallout,elderscrolls and other RPGs summed up

Foo-Wing Li says:

I don’t seem to have the Animations in Photoshop when I highlight the Skeleton and go to properties panel. All I see is the coordinates options. Help I would love to do the animation and adjust my characters stance.

Starius2 says:

why not stream on YouTube instead?

Nathanael Lawrence says:

ive been using fuse for a little while and id like to thank them. i can have a high quality rigged and animated character in ten minutes. thank you fuse. seriously

Shahaaim says:

Hey! Is it possible to use the character models from Fuse in Adobe AE on a 3D layer? That would be awesome!

Kenneth L says:

I’m sorry not to be negative or disrespectful… its not even aimed you. Adobe needs to just stop with 3d stuff. I used ps 7.0 and i used tons of 3d programs. PS’s 3d UI have to be the worst I’ve ever scene. I mean Blender3d is free and open source. I mean its so bad. They need to stop. B3d is open source grab their source and integrate. Buy autodesk or lightwave/ softimage. Just stop adobe please.

Jay Carver says:

This is a pretty cool idea by Adobe. If it were a bit more customizable to the point where I could position the character how I wanted then I think I’d have more use for it rather than picking a pose from the animation. Maybe if these characters were somehow pre-rigged or something.

Constantine Chaos says:

i dont have a hair_Skeleton layer o _ O

emma lissette alvarado vasquez says:


MrSorbias says:

Hmm, can I export the animations / models out of the software with some reasonable file extension? I mean, can I edit it in some 3d software or import to game engine?

Peter Tremblay says:

Only very bad developers use that shitty software(fuse) and honestly if you cannot make a character for your game you should then seriously reconsider your current career path! A game character need to be unique for every single games and not a generic mannequin with horrible anatomy.

Doodles1947 says:

2 minutes of talking total horseshit and I left.

SerenityReceiver says:

add Facegen for next level photo manipulation.

Clipping Path Specialist says:

We like your techinqes which you apply in this video.

Todd Jumper says:

I have been using Poser and Daz Studio for years, but this looks a lot easier to make models on the fly, although Daz Studio is free but you have to buy the models

Azure Studio says:

i have been using this recently but i cant animate it in photoshop attached is a link to my fuse cc forum post no one has answered it? in the post is a screen shot to show that its not showing up?

Broz Unit says:


Ah Slow says:

When is fuse getting a full release?

Geekume says:

+Howard Pinsky  how did you download fuse on a pc? I’ve been having trouble downloading it.

Jakob 1979 says:

Sorry but Fuse is sooooooo useless….. they are a ton of much better 3d apps on the market… why not spend the time on some else !?…

joseph arthur says:

Good good stuff. I first saw Fuse on Steam by shear accident.

stelios chatzopoulos says:

So kitsch. The problem with 3d is that if someone is amateur or his technics are amateurish that will be easily obvious. The workflow and the result here are profoundly amateurish. It’s not for professionals. Also the cloud workflow is very discouraging.

Daniela Argandoña says:

Thank you so much, I am completely new to this 3d. I am sure I will have lot’s of questions as I try to blend this to my psd…. regards from Uruguay.

Raw Footage Action says:

I have the Fuse Preview it is good but totally useless bundled with Mixamo (owned by Adobe). Mixamo processing can take hours for one small file ready to be downloaded. This is a continuing issue as Adobe appear not too interested in having enough servers to deal with worldwide demand. No workflow with fuse as Mixamo lets it down. Once preview is up I will not be subscribing to Fuse. Waste of money all because the nobheads at Adobe will not invest in servers.

XxJIAA99xX™ says:

How do you use more than one preset? For example: I make him get off the ground, then use a different preset like being hit or something


I can’t understand how Fuse even exists, was somebody at Adobe just like “we have money to piss away what should we do? A Sims character creator? Sounds good!”. I can’t imagine it ever being used for any commercial job. At best I could see somebody who doesn’t have access to other characters using it to test vfx in software like Houdini but any company does have other test rigs.

calvin v. Norman says:

I can’t get my 3D image to play in photoshop.. do u know what could be the problem?

Beavon Moranga says:

u did mention it is free?

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