Character Animation With Adobe Mixamo for Beginners – 2018 Edition

Here we take a look at how you can use the updated version of Adobe Mixamo after the recent update to import custom characters, find animations and export everything ready to bring into a game engine or 3D package.

We also discuss the two main changes to Mixamo since the update which rolled out a few months ago.

Complete MIxamo Guide:
Mixamo To Unreal Engine 4:

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My Recommended Desktop Setup:
GTX 1060
AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
RAM Corsair 8 x2
Corsair CX750M
Case NZXT Phantom 410
Motherboard MSI Tomahawk
Corsair h110I Liquid Cooler
Blue Yeti Pro Microphone
Rode PSA1 Boom Arm


Mr Weird says:


zx t says:

hey, don’t know why, but the mixamo website keeps showing “loading mixamo” with no change and i’m pretty sure that my internet connection is working.

LT_ Skull says:

Cool beans. I can make my player model with this. THANKS VIRTUS. – From that drunk guy on your discord

MashySob says:

I have a blank character (all white) how do I change this?

Frost Nick says:

Can you make another tutorial about mixamo animations because for some reason after you import them to ue4 and make the ANIM and BS blueprints your character has weird movement…I saw some people saying that it might be solved by making a Root bone but most of us don`t know how…The movement in your `setting animations` looks normal…pls

GamingSalmon 69 says:

“on something special…” HAHA good job! and thanks for making this video!!!

Risky Rocker says:

What about walking

Ramesh lokineni says:

Can you use the import mixamo into unreal engine because I can’t.There is no animation file when I go into unreal engine it is Just a skeleton mesh and physics for each animation.There is now way for me to preview the animations in unreal engine 4.Can some one please help

Damian Lawrence says:

If you are having any problems,just import the mesh and the animations into blender,then export as fbx then simply import to unreal engine.

Mahnoor Arshad says:

when i import character and animations in unreal and then test the animations they dont work, character remains still in T-pose, what should i do?

Joel Wilson says:

I emailed u regarding something can you pleas respond

*PewDieeDew* says:


Crimson Headband says:

Mixamo is just about dead man, Unreal Engine hates it, Maya hates it, pretty sure Adobe hates it. weak sauce…but thx

Jayson Seidman says:

what about a parkour pack? im trying to make a stealth game with a Splinter ell Stealth Concept.

Bytes Crafter says:

Video is published on 2017, yet 2018 Edition?

Virtus Learning Hub / Creative Tutorials says:

For those of you that have had issues using Mixamo since the recent update, you’ll enjoy this video!

Ken Kamaguruma says:

Mixamo is for free or we must pay it ?

ChristianIce says:

One thing to add
If you pick the “pack”, instead of the single animation, you can go to the frame count adnd select from zero to end, to get one long animation which will contain all of them

boom says:

I can’t view my animations,it just shows my mesh with a T pose with a physics asset.i would appreciate help.

Simone Gatto says:

Hi Virtus your channel is amazing, very thanks from Italy! I have a question: if i loaded my character on Mixamo to rig and animate, after that it becomes easy to use by other users? Or stay private for me?

Valkirian Reborn says:

Be aware your thumbnail is from Jiffycrew cell shading video 🙂

César Fuster says:


Algirdas Rimavicius says:

I think it would be awesome, if u could make a tutorial, on how to make an animation. For example, if i am making a cutsene/cinematics, and i need my character to do something. That would be great

Jameson Parker says:

Hi @Virtus Learning Hub / Creating Tutorials! Thanks for the tutorials. I have a question about importing characters with different blend shapes associated with them… Here goes:

I’m trying to use the different facial expressions from Fuse as blendshape morph targets in UE4. When exporting my model from Fuse, should I export the model with each facial expression I want to use as a separate obj file and then combine them into one fbx file as morph targets, and THEN upload to Mixamo -> UE4? I’m trying to combine this tutorial with Unreal’s official Character Morph Target tutorial but I’m worried that I may have a problem with meshes having a different number of vertices if I export the character I animated with your tutorials as a fbx, and then go back to Fuse and try to add new exports of my character from fuse with the different facial expressions as morph targets. Any suggestions on this workflow? I hope I explained that in a way that makes sense. Thanks!

T-bag115 Gaming says:


Neurotyczny Kot says:

I tried upload rigged character and it said I need a rig… I guess I need to upload only mesh?

Tiwaking Tiwaking says:

Mixamo is dead. It is not compatible with anything now

Dark Wolf DevGaming says:

Ok what about importing there is so much problems that new comings are facing importing character and retarget it with manequine and such

Alan Morales says:

When retargeting this Mixamo skeletons to the UE4 Mannequin to take advantage of other functionality in the UE4 engine, the issue that arrives is that you end up missing the IK bones on hands and feet that are so necessary for more advanced interactions with weapons and environment. Noone is talking about it online. Could you do a tutorial on that plz. Thanks!


how do you make the character walk longer distance or go up stairs further. the walking up the stairs is only 1.4 seconds no time at all to do anything. Using C4D R17. Just need to know how to make the action of what they are doing, longer time length.

Allen Jhon Muyot says:

thanks for the video, can you send some links where we can download characters that are compatible with mixamo rigger?, for some reason, my downloaded characters wont work on the rigger…

sasdasd weqw2e412 says:

Well actually its broken you cant upload adobve fuse characters

Mr Swampor says:

Why is the Video 9:11 Minutes long?

Max Radojevic says:

What to use instead of mixamo?? Since Adobe are asses :/

livegaming says:

Hey What about FPS?? Atleast give gun to enemy

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