Character Creation: Blender Add-ons and Adobe Fuse

3D Modeling in Blender, working on modeling an alleyway around the Buick GSX car that we finished in the last LiveSteam series.

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lawlerzwtf says:

I love your videos and I don’t want to offend you but man you look older on that face cam compared to your youtube picture lol

Rafael Sánchez says:


Samuel Vidal says:

impressive, thanks Darrin! I am a big fan of your work!

Karen Trevino says:

You can age the character but you can’t make them younger, as in a teenager in Fuse. However you can import things like clothing

ACE network says:

How do you do export mixamo to blender cycles

Scott Lang says:

Hi just started watching your videos this is the first because of fuse trying to learn about it
but mixamo fuse V1.3 is free on steam if your a member it’s older but has more models and comes with boy and girl teens more cloths works the same as the one you have and links to the animations to don’t know if this helps you but i’m learning blender and gaming so i will keep watching your series now that i found it 🙂 thank you for teaching

James Buynitzky says:

You changed your photo.

Aleksander Poniatowski says:

are you aware that makehuman and Manuel bastioni use agpl license?

d h says:

what program did use to make the caracter(not the blender, i mean the other program)?

Jim's Inkspot says:

You should check out DAZ3D for Teen Characters who you can use Mo Caps with as well. They have some free ones and pay ones. They can be imported into Blender also; there are a couple Blender Tutorials on YouTube that will explain how. But all and all I’d rather learn how to Design and Make my own in Blender. If you are in a hurry Daz3D. I also noticed that when you were at Mixamo’s website it had the Adobe logo on it.

SledgeNE says:

I love your tutorials.

John Garrett says:

Rolling on the floor at 13:50. :0)

Vincent Lederer says:

I can’t open it anymore, dose someone know how to fix this?

Ein Frosch~ says:

Doesn’t Unity just take .blend files with all the animations and stuff?

GamerFails says:

Your tutorials helped me out alot, thank You so much. But one question are you ever going to do some characters with attack animations? I’m kinda looking for good tutorial but can’t seem to find any around YouTube.

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