Character Creation With Adobe Fuse CC/Mixamo Beginner Tutorial

Today we take a look at how we can create custom characters using Adobe Fuse CC using their free tool. We go over all aspects of the software, starting from the user interface moving onto creating body parts, adding clothing and adjustments to our character.

We also go over how we can take the character from Adobe Fuse and import it into Mixamo ready to animate for use within a game engine.

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Hope t says:

Luke can you please make a video about retargeting Mixamo characters into UE. Please !!

Walid Videos says:

Can we not export the character directly to UE?

T M says:

I have try import to ue4 after fuse cc to mixamo but the texture has not to compatible texture in ue4?

Yahya Mroue says:


Yahya Mroue says:

well virtus , you could use daz studio for better looking figures

_p4n0s_ says:

Hey Virtus, is Fuse trial or completely free? It says Sign up for trial on its website.

Silent knight says:

What is the download size of Fuse?

Yahia Wahsh says:

do you mind showing me how to import fuse characters to zbrush
Waiting for respond it will be so helpful to me

ElNeneDrow says:

I created a character using Fuse and Mixamo, upon importing the character into Unreal 4.16, the character is split up into multiple parts (i.e. head, chest, arms, legs, beard, etc..) all with their own normals and textures. It does create a main character blueprint and skeleton but it divides the textures and normals up making it more difficult to fix the “see-through/transparent” import issue. Has anyone had this happen? Is there any suggestions to fix this? I tried erasing and re-importing but same results.

Mikhael says:

I used this in the past. This program has way too much clipping issues and there is no way to make an attractive female in this software. The only benefits is that it is very beginner friendly to make some easy models to throw in the game

PreciseAce says:

wheres the FPS?

BlendSpace Lab says:

Hi Virtus, one question. I successfully installed fuse cc and creative cloud, I open the Creative loud panel, I can see Fuse CC (Beta) is installed, however I click on Open Fuse program but there is no response. Do I need to subscribe to their monthly plan first? Thanks.

camzi gaming says:

Good video as always!

Euler Sosa says:

I installed Fuse a few days ago. When I try to run it it will not start. Help.


please uplad new fps game video today


Send me a download link of adobe fuse please

George R says:

If you going to create characters like this, outside a 3d app, you better use iclone + character creator instead. Just a recommendation. It is the best thing we have now to create characters.

yehia wahsh says:

virtus can you show how to import 3d clothes to adobe fuse cc
it will be so useful

Trissy GameTV says:

“Create your sim”. But then for game engines

Eraze Reklez says:

thankssss mannnnn thank god a got you on noticfaction

psycho singing says:

what about fps and Rpg

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